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AirConsole offers the best online drinking games for your next party.

You bought the chips and pop, invited all of your friends over, and you even cleaned up the place. You’re having a party! Of course, you want your party to be the talk of the year, with everyone clamoring to get an invite to the next one. What do you need to make this party a hit? Games – and more specifically – drinking games! People don’t often remember the dip, the small talk or the songs played at a party, but they will never forget the fun drinking games. The best drinking games will bring your party to life. They allow your guests to have fun and get their party on.

What is a Drinking Game?

A drinking game is a contest where the loser has to drink a shot or a sip of their drink as a consequence for losing a game or a part of a game. Other drinking games don’t always have penalties but instead have specific cues as to when to drink.

There are many well-known drinking games for parties out there, and Beer Pong is one of the most common. Basically, in Beer Pong, players attempt to throw a table tennis ball into a cup of beer and their opponent has to drink the cup in which the ball lands. This game originated in the 1950s and is still a traditional hit at parties all around the world.

Drinking games have evolved since Beer Pong’s invention, and some great alternatives include Drunk Jenga. If you haven’t played before, you have to take a drink every time a player knocks down the Jenga tower! There are also less-active drinking games out there that require some thought. These include games like Never Have I Ever, where you simply state something you’ve never done, and everyone else in the room has to drink if they’ve actually done it. This game is a very telling one, so players should be cautious about who they play it with. Another popular college drinking game is “Would You Rather”, where everyone takes turns asking each other questions and drinking according to their responses.

Some games require a little bit of intellectual skill, which can be tough while you are drinking. Some games include Drink While You Think, Twenty One, and Fuzzy Duck. Others require you to drink when certain cues are present. For example, many fans of popular culture will put together a drinking game that they can play while watching a favorite movie or television show or listening to a band. Every time something specific happens in the show, movie or song, everyone has to drink. These are usually the easiest drinking games to play.

There are also drinking games for parties that use cards such as Kings (also known as Circle of Death, King’s Cup, and more). These tend to be some of the most elaborate drinking games of them all. In these kinds of games, each card has a predetermined rule, and when this card comes up, the player has to follow the rule. This usually includes some task involving them or the other players drinking. King’s Cup is an especially fun game that can quickly get out of hand.

In fact, you’ve probably tried out some of these drinking games already. However, if you and your friends are at least 21 years old (or the legal drinking age in your country), you can create your own exciting online drinking games using AirConsole! It’s a great way to socialize with friends and spend time together in the comfort of your home. Rather than playing the same tired college drinking games, you can get creative with the video game drinking games AirConsole offers. It’s the best way to have your guests raving about your party tomorrow. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Drinking Games Online using AirConsole

What’s great about AirConsole is that you don’t have to purchase a whole new video gaming system, download any software, or even pay for our services. Using your browser as a console, you can play multi-player games with your friends for free. Your smartphone instantly becomes a video game controller. All it takes is a few simple steps. The possibilities are endless when using AirConsole to play good drinking games for parties. While you may not always have a deck of cards handy, it is far more likely that you will have your smartphone nearby. Drinking games without cards can be just as fun to get the party started. The best drinking games are the ones that everyone can play and don’t need a lot of set up.

Tower of Babel

In this popular AirConsole game, your goal is to add to the Tower of Babel and to prevent it from crashing down. So simple, yet so challenging, the Tower of Babel game will have even the soberest of your friends obsessed with building up this tower. Up to eight people can play and you could choose to do a shot for every tower that crashes. The interesting thing will be to see how much better or worse you can play as the game goes on.

Racing Wars

Racing Wars can be played with 2-4 people and requires you to race cars through different 3D settings. The pace is quick, and the game is exciting, but you could make it that much more exhilarating by adding a few drinks. For example, for every power-up your opponent gets, you’ll have to take a drink. Every time you crash, take another. If your opponent wins the race, that’s a shot for you. There are so many different possibilities with this one which makes it one of the top drinking games on AirConsole.


Who doesn’t love karaoke? Singing all of your favourite songs off-key is always a good time. But this time, you don’t need an expensive karaoke machine and you don’t need to head out to the bar on a special night to do it. You can embarrass yourself in the comfort of your own home. You can even record yourself using AirConsole’s Karaoke game so that those who weren’t at the party won’t miss out on your stellar performance. In fact, you can host a karaoke singing competition! You can always crown the winner with their favorite shots. During the competition, you could pick a cue word. Anytime someone sings that cue word, you will have to take a drink. Some examples could be “love”, “rock”, “baby” or even the word “you”, depending on how far you want to take it.

ClusterPuck 99

No guy’s night would be complete without some beers, sports games, and smack talk. This game was built for parties and will challenge even your sportiest friends. You can have up to eight players in this fast-paced game and make up the rules for drinking. These could include every time someone scores a goal, every time someone throws down his controller (smartphone) in haste, every time someone swears, or every time someone lays down the smack talk on another player. It could get rowdy really quickly, so watch out! You can also enjoy this game with instant replays and stat tracking.

Castle Hustle

The multiplayer game Castle Hustle may look like a kid’s game, but it can actually be a really good drinking game! The object of the games is to protect the king’s castle on your own or with a team, but you’ll have to drink each time someone gets hit by a barrel. Drinking just adds another level of difficulty to this super fun game. Defend yourselves against the magical creatures and try to survive by tossing objects to each other and coordinating together as a team.


Remember the classic game Asteroids, and how badly you wanted to play that game with friends? PolyRacer is the multi-player version of that old arcade game! In this version, you will control a ship and avoid any obstacles that may slow you down. Only one person can claim victory as the ultimate polyracer, and that person should be rewarded with a beer. Because this game is all about speed, players could devise a scheme where after setting a timer, they have to chug a beer or down a shot while playing the game. As time goes on, the timer is activated again.

The Neighborhood

Loving your neighbors is one of the best ways to have a great party. Whether they are at the party or listening to the fun from their window next door, you’ll have your neighbors fascinated at how happening your party is with these AirConsole online drinking games leading the way. The Neighborhood is an exciting multiplayer game where teams of players attack their opponent’s homes. You can attack using hilarious items like inflated cows, birds and of course, a bazooka. What gamer doesn’t need a bazooka to kill their neighbors? It is super easy to drink while playing The Neighborhood. Every time an inflated cow is tossed, everyone needs to take a sip of their drink. When a death bird is pitched, opponents need to drink. Once a home is destroyed, the losing team needs to do a series of shots. There is so much fun to be had.


This is seriously one of the best AirConsole drinking games online, and it can be totally customizable too. Quiz is going to have your party guests in tears and rolling on the floor in laughter all in the first five minutes. You can do the trivia quiz to answer questions about a number of topics to see who will be the reigning king or queen of intelligence. Well, players could have a drink every time they answer a question wrong or an opponent answers a question right. By the end of the game, most people should know everything.

Another version of Quiz lets you make up your own quiz for your friends. This option is so much fun for parties where there is a guest of honor, such as at a birthday party, bachelor party, or bachelorette party. You could pre-make the quiz with questions about your friend and have all of the guests at the party answer.

Pad Poker

Turn this classic card game into a drinking game without the cards! You don’t need a poker table, chips, or even cards to play Texas Holdem on AirConsole. Your phone acts as your deck of cards! Place bets, bluff your opponents, and win large sums of virtual cash in this classic poker game. If you want to take the ante up a notch, simply add drinks. How about having everyone take a drink every time an Ace is flopped? Or if you’ve got a pair in your hands, you’ve got to do a shot? Pad Poker has so many unique possibilities. Which one will you try?

Silly World Series

Silly World Series isn’t just for the little ones. Everyone can choose their own unique and cute character and start on a series of mini games! These games allow you to race, scale rocks, dance, and play hide and seek. The rules for the drinking version of Silly World can be so simple:

You can, of course, make up your own rules, but these are some helpful ones to get you and your group started.


If you’ve got a small party, Rakete could be your drinking game of choice. For up to five players, you must work as a team to launch a spaceship and then land it on a small platform. Because each player controls just one of the five thrusters, you have to work together to get the spaceship where it needs to go. That makes this game a serious win-win, and you need to be able to work together to pull it off.

Spacebot Knights

Space, robots, and swords: sounds like a great combination for a rockin’ party. Simply slash your opponents out of the way to make your way to the end prize. With three modes, including standard, sumo and sudden death, you can play this game many times and never get the same game twice. It’s a different experience every single time! To make the game even more challenging, players should drink every time someone gets slashed, refuels, or runs out of fuel. The ensuing mayhem will be well worth the gameplay.


Deceiving your friends has never been so fun! Take on a secret identity and try to outwit even the smartest of your friends. This game is meant for five to ten players, so everyone’s involvement is mandatory to find out who the most deceptive player or team is at the party. You’ll decide the fate of planets and keep them for yourself if you win. Any time one planet is conquered, the other team must do a shot. Once three of the planets are conquered, the opposing team has to take a sip of their drink. All of this fighting for planets can make a person very thirsty, so the losers should be grateful for the opportunity.

Balloon Party

Everyone loves a party, especially when it involves balloons! Simply pop the balloons of your own color with up to twelve friends competing for dominance. If you pop someone else’s balloon, have a drink. If you pop all of your balloons, your opponents must drink. This game is one of the simplest for those who don’t like to have to think while they play video game drinking games.


AirSheilds is unlike any game you’ve ever played. A shield is created when you shoot missiles into the center of the screen. Every time your shield gets shot, have a drink. To make this even more fun, every time someone gets hit, everyone, opponents and all, have to have a drink. Again, another win-win situation from the makers of AirConsole.

Tiles of Doom

This challenging game will have you pressing start over and over again. Collect the tiles in the correct order or be killed. Every time you get killed, have a drink. Invite over a few of your friends to make this a real challenge. Not every drinking game has to have a complicated set of rules, and this one can be pretty simple.

There are a number of other games available to play on AirConsole and each one of them can make a fun drinking game. There are way too many to list here, but you definitely get the picture of how to create your own drinking game using AirConsole, your smartphone, and your browser. In fact, you can come up with a bunch of your own ideas for drinking games, too!

Drinking Games: What to Remember

When it comes to drinking, it’s always a good idea to take a break in between games to drink water and grab some snacks. Stay with your friends, enjoy the party, and drink responsibly with AirConsole’s set of fun and exciting video game drinking games. We promise that your next game night will be a memorable one.

Why Try AirConsole

While all of these online drinking games sound extremely tempting to try, you don’t need to drink while you play AirConsole. AirConsole’s litany of games are fun for all ages, at any time and any place. If you and your friends have smartphones and a screen, you can play AirConsole. No one needs to give their credit card information to play because all of the games are completely free. There’s no software or hardware required, either. You simply connect your smartphone to your browser with the code provided when you start playing and you are off to the races.

Playing AirConsole is easy, no matter where you are. You can set it up at home, at work, or even at a friend’s house. Anyone who has a smartphone can play along. Even the kids can play, because they can borrow a device from mom and dad (if they don’t already have their own).

The benefits of playing video games are enormous for both adults and kids. Not only do you get to socialize, kick back and relax with friends, you are actually improving your brain. Every time you play a video game, the synapses in the brain grow stronger and communicate better. Research has shown that while kids under the age of two should have limited screen time, older children and adults benefit from playing enormously. Add to that the greater hand-eye coordination that you get from shooting space ships and popping virtual balloons. Testing your memory is also another great function of playing video games like AirConsole’s Quiz game. Adding drinking to the mix is just a more fun way for you to learn and have fun with friends, but once all of your friends have gone home and you’ve cleaned up the mess from the party, pull out your smartphone and play AirConsole with the kids or your spouse.

Playing AirConsole’s games at your next party is a serious no-brainer. Your friends will thank you, and they’ll tell their friends about it too. Soon, you’ll be the talk of your group because everyone will love your smart and innovative drinking game ideas. The best part is that this isn’t a free trial – you can play AirConsole over and over again without ever having to worry about paying. It’s so easy! What are you waiting for? Get out there and tell your friends you’ve got the newest and best drinking games for any party.

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