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Gamers rejoice! AirConsole is proud to share PolyRacer to gamers looking for even more games to play. Despite its deceptively simple appearance, PolyRacer is more than meets the eye. It is an exciting and challenging game that is perfect to play with friends and family and create great memories.

How to Play PolyRacer

After a player logs onto the AirConsole browser, the players choose a color to represent their small ships. Once players have chosen their ship colors, the first player hits the ready button, and the games begin. The game opens with a gray background of choppy shapes with simple instructions for players to reach the green shape. While you can play PolyRacer by yourself, it is much more fun with friends. If there is a single player, moving your ship to the green shape just isn’t quite as exciting. With friends, you have to worry about being shot by other players while you maneuver your ship to safety.  If successful, the survivors of the game move to the next level. The next level is a shock compared to the first level.

The next level consists of moving shapes of various colors. Each shade represents the speed of your moving ship.

  • Black: Speed 1. This is the slowest speed in the game. These shapes do not move. Players must hitch a ride on other shape colors if they want to move any faster.
  • Black :  This is speed 2. It is somewhat faster as its name implies but its reduced speed can pose a danger to your ship.
  • Grey: This is speed 3. The ideal speed you want your ship to have as it moves through the game.
  • Light Grey: This is speed 4 and the fastest speed available. Although it may be an attractive speed for players, beware that your ship isn’t zipping by so quickly that you end up on the red shapes.
  • Red: Game over for the player.
  • Green: The safe zone and where all players aim to be. When players reach the safe zone, they must stop their ships from floating away.
  • Blue:  The no shooting zone. Players can hide here for a refuge from their shooting enemies.

 The moving shapes that are colored light gray are your fastest shapes. Black is the slowest. Black is “tear your hair out of your head” slow. The black shapes are dangerous because the reduced speed poses a threat to your ship’s safety.  It becomes difficult for your ship to dodge strikes from your enemies and to avoid the red moving shapes. The red moving shapes spell doom for your ship. It moves quickly and around to pull ships into its reach. If a ship doesn’t avoid it and is caught, the player loses that round.

To maneuver, players use the two buttons on their smartphone. It’s simple to use. The left button moves your ship left, and the right button moves the ship to the right. To stop the ship, players have to press and hold both buttons. When players reach the green shape, it is important to hold both buttons down to keep your ship from floating away.

PolyRacer allows at minimum a single player. It is an enjoyable experience as a single player. However, it is much more fun with more players playing against each other. As a single player, it is pointless to use your missiles because there aren't any ships to destroy.  Therefore, the experience may fall flat. The best way to play PolyRacer is with other players like family and friends. The game allows for up to 32 players, and it can be quite the experience trying to survive in this game with an onslaught of missiles headed for your ship. It can easily become a heart-pounding experience trying to dodge between moving shapes and angry missiles.

Where to Play PolyRacer

PolyRacer is free to play and can only be played through the AirConsole site. Players do not need hardware or other clunky devices. A player’s home internet and their smartphone are all a player need to play. The AirConsole browser is the console, and the players control their game through their smartphone. Players log onto the site via a desktop, laptop, smart TV or tablet, click on the PolyRacer game and wait for the access code. Each player must log in the access code into their smartphone to join the game. For easier play, it is recommended that players download the AirConsole app from their app store. With the app, players do not need to log the access code through their phone browsers. Instead, players can click on their app and get playing faster than ever. 

PolyRacer is a fun, multiplayer game that is easy to play and easy to learn. Players must avoid obstacles and use their surroundings to their advantage to win. Next time you’re with friends, play PolyRacer and make the time memorable.






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  • Press the start button to play This will start the game in your browser. An access code for your smartphone will be displayed on the screen.
  • Connect smartphones Open www.airconsole.com on your smartphone and enter the code. You can connect as many smartphones as you want.
  • About AirConsole AirConsole is an online video game console.
    Your smartphone are the gamepads.
    Your browser is the console.
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