AirConsole is an online video game console.
Your smartphones are the gamepads.
Your browser is the console.

Games for:

Games for friends

Games for music stars

Games for families

Games for the office

Games for retro gamers

Games for streamers

Games for big crowds

Collaborative or competitive? AirConsole offers all types of local multiplayer for you and your friends. Free co-op games like Tower of Babel and Rakete guarantees that you and your friends will have communicate during game time. Competitive players will have the chance to get one over their friends on games like PolyRacer and Brick Wars.
Have a great voice? Jump into AirConsole’s Karaoke and show your singing skills to your friends. The interactive Karaoke app allows the audience to participate during your performance and express their excitement with classic emojis. For parties, you can use the YouTube Jukebox app to create collaborative music playlists. Add songs to the playlist and let the crowd upvote what’s next.
Searching for family friendly games? Try out Silly Run Valley or HitParade for the ultimate family fun. These AirConsole titles feature cute characters for kids and easy to learn controllers that every parent can quickly pick up.
Want to engage with your colleagues during a coffee break? Games like AirShield and QuickMinds are perfect for a quick fun break. Set up a AirConsole gaming session and call your colleagues to show that you can also have fun during work.
Feeling nostalgic? AirConsole offers classic local multiplayer games such as Tic Tac Boom and the 2D shoot em’ up Remon & Honey.
Want to play games with your audience? Check out Cards Against Humanity, Simoria and PadPoker for asynchronous gameplay. Everyone that joins in will have their secret information displayed on the mobile phone while the gameplay happens on your screen.
Want to play with 10 (plus) people at the same time? Check out BattleSnakes and PolyRacer for a massive local multiplayer gaming experience.
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