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Figure Out the Tiles or Face Doom!
From lava pools to rotating tiles, your difficulty level rises as you trace mysterious patterns on Tiles of Doom. Have the ultimate gaming experience with Tiles of Doom on AirConsole now.

Do you know what’s unique about Senet, Petteia and Duodecem Scripta? They’re ancient Egyptian board games, some of them at least 4,000 years old. A few have disappeared from history whereas others exist in museums. Archaeologists and gamers have tried many measures to discover rules of Egyptian games played by royalties. They’re fascinating with all those intricate engravings and signs, but nobody knows exactly how they are played. Well, what if these symbols and signs come to life on your smartphones and laptop screens?

If you’re a hardcore board game fan, you should meet Tiles of Doom, the new-generation 3D version of Egyptian mysteries contained in a single game. What’s great about this multi-player game is that it is available on your browser on AirConsole. Let’s check out what Tiles of Doom is all about.

What is Tiles of Doom?

Tiles of Doom is a mad rush to complete ritual sequences embedded in bizarre tiles. It has cutting-edge graphics and works smoothly on all platforms.

Tiles of Doom is all about simplicity. As soon as you start the game, you’re swept inside a dark, dingy looking temple courtyard containing a gigantic, hot pool of scorching lava. This is where the grand battlefield is set.

The terrifying lava pool contains tiles above it that move swiftly in position. What you need to do is memorize the symbols that appear on the temple wall behind lava lake and trace the patterns on tiles. How do you do it? Move the orb over tiles to trace the mysterious Egyptian sequences.

Tiles of Doom is Available on AirConsole
We already know how media streaming devices like Chromecast can transform a television screen into a high-end gaming console, but what if you have just a smartphone, tablet, or laptop? What if you wanted to indulge in some friendly competition with your best buddies? Well, now you all can enjoy a single game in the same room. It’s incredibly exciting too that you get to experience the best multiplayer games on a smartphone-laptop combo.

Knowing that almost everyone possesses a smartphone these days, we’ve devised a way for you to connect your smartphones to internet browsers. AirConsole, being an advanced online gaming console, transforms your plain looking browsers into web based gaming arena and your smartphones into joysticks.

Play Tiles of Doom to Quench your Adventure Lust!

You won’t need a joystick or keyboard to control the balls with Tiles of Doom. The entire game is controlled by gyroscope. This is quite convenient because the orbs roll around with a momentum that is unattainable via joysticks. Simply open the game on AirConsole’s official website and use the online numeric code to connect it with your smartphones.

Once you are connected, you simply need to rotate your phones left or right, up or down to move the colored balls. All players are given a unicolor orb. It comes in red, green, blue, and yellow. In short, 4 players can participate in the multiplayer puzzle race. Players need to roll the orbs over tiles that have patterns printed on them to please their respective god heads. Whoever reaches them first becomes the winner.

You can have 4 individuals or 2 teams against each other in a single round. The task becomes harder as you jump from one level to another. Tiles flip over and sometimes disappear entirely. Sometimes, patterns appear late, so you need to be quick and observant. Also, the number declines as each pattern is revealed. Players need to be careful around missing tiles, or else the orbs fall into the lava pool underneath it.

Roll Over Your Enemies

The winner must complete the master sequence displayed on the wall five times. Once you successfully finish the game, the Egyptian stone god comes to life with funny balls and symbols dancing around him. As you unlock the ritual patterns, you can see the stone head chanting strange mantras in Egyptian language.

What’s the Bigger Advantage?

Desktop and mobile screen, that’s probably the easiest of all gaming combos! On AirConsole, you can literally play with one hand tied behind your back. You can hold your mobile in one hand and even play it with your thumbs. You can use the other hand to munch on some popcorn.

Bond with Your Friends Over 3D Board Games on the Weekends

No more irritating LAN cables and wires running all over the floor. AirConsole is free, fast, and fun. Now you can conveniently play Tiles of Doom with your friends and family, anytime, anywhere. You can start right away. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in a thrilling quest for Egyptian jewels.


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