Castle Hustle

Castle Hustle on AirConsole

2 - 5
Published by Julie Baechtold, Nicolas Matter, Xavier Heimgartner in category Party Games.


Castle Hustle is a local multiplayer game in which you and your friends defend the king’s castle against magical creatures. Instead of playing against each other, this game is all about surviving as a team!

Chaos is about to break loose! The king and his mighty army are on a faraway expedition when magical creatures attack the unprotected castle. It is up to you and your fellow peasants to defend it with all the teamwork skills you can muster.

Pick up everything that is not nailed down, carry it to the catapults and sling it at the giants. But beware of flying barrels and team mates wandering about, or you might get knocked out on the spot. While more and more enemies march toward the castle and time is running short, planning your actions ahead becomes key. You can only survive by watching over your resources, throwing stuff to each other, and coordinating your movements.

If you feel like facing a challenge with your friends, Castle Hustle is the perfect game for you!

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