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Published by AirConsole Team in category Classic Arcade.


Are you looking to try a new type of local multiplayer game to play in the office?

AirShields is a tight shooting experience, unlike any other game you have played. Instead of blowing up spaceships, or chasing down your friends with missiles--you work alongside your friends in a circle in the noble pursuit of building a shield.

This primary shield object in the game is constructed by you and your friends ships shooting out missiles into the center of the level. Every bullet that hits the core center forms a part of the shield. If one bullet hits a part of the shield someone has constructed, the game starts over. The goal of the game is to squeeze missile fire successfully into gaps to eliminate fragments of the shield. The first player to complete its own circle wins. But as the game progresses, things get increasingly difficult with more shield parts to avoid.

The beauty of AirShields is that that every match is different. Maybe one game, it is too chaotic to get anything done, and then the next you and your friends take turns shooting to construct the shield in near-perfect harmony.

AirShields keeps you interested through the uniquely challenging concept and timing mechanics to ensure that everyone will want just one more try. It's the perfect multiplayer game to play with friends and colleagues at work. AirShields is a free online game on AirConsole.

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