Mystery Party Games

Kick your party up a notch with murder mystery dinner party games.

Who doesn’t absolutely love a game night? There’s nothing like getting together with your buds for a night of friendly fun and competition. A murder mystery party game could be just the thing to make your next dinner party a hit.

Murder mystery games have been popular at parties for years. Now thanks to the internet, free mystery games online are available to anyone with an internet connection. Mystery party games involve a group of friends who are all trying to solve a specific crime. If you haven’t played a riveting murder mystery dinner party game before, one of the partygoers is declared the “murderer” and everyone else is considered “innocent”. The group must collectively decide who the murderer is during the game.

Though there are a few different takes on the game, a murder mystery party game has become a classic over the years because of how much fun partygoers have while playing. Everyone loves to play murder mystery dinner party games and your party will be no different!

The New Version

The only constants in life are change and change. Murder mystery games are no different. Back in the day, setting up a murder mystery game party required a lot of planning and preparation. Not any longer! These days you can find video game versions of classic murder mystery games, and even free mystery games online. Instead of spending so much time planning, now you can enjoy your party even more. With video games like murder mystery games and more, your guests will stay entertained, and you will enjoy playing, too. It’s the ideal situation.

Even if playing murder mystery games isn’t on the lineup for your party, you can still incorporate video games for guests who want some entertainment. Video games like free mystery games are sure to excite and entertain.

AirConsole to the Rescue

Here at AirConsole, we work hard each and every day to bring you the best in video games. No matter what type of games you and your group likes, you’ll find our wide array of games sure to please your party crowd.

Our simple system works like this: you grab your smartphone and your laptop. You pull up and click the “start” button. A code will pop up on your screen. Once you have this code from your laptop, you’ll pull out your smartphone and open up on your smartphone’s browser. Then you’ll enter your code. Your smartphone and laptop will then sync. Now you’re ready to play!

With AirConsole, your smartphone is your gamepad. Then your laptop browser is the online video game console. There is no need to buy expensive consoles you don’t already own. With AirConsole, you already have everything you need to succeed.

Multiplayer Mania

Our service is tailor-made for gamers who want to play multiplayer games. Games like mystery party games are incredibly popular. We created AirConsole to make it easy to challenge family, friends, and foes from the comfort of your living room. No more excuses! 

Some of our popular games include:

… and so many more!

Why Choose AirConsole?

We understand there are many options when looking for gaming entertainment. Whether you want to host a murder mystery dinner party or play video games alone, you have options.

Just as you have many options, there are many reasons to choose AirConsole. Our regular users love our:

Solve Your Mystery Today

It doesn’t matter if you want to play murder mystery games at your next function or you’re looking to have a few racing wars with friends while sitting on the couch – AirConsole has you covered.

If you are interested in murder mystery dinner party games, then let AirConsole help you out. The murder mystery games online available are sure to keep your friends and foes entertained all evening long. Just watch out… you could be the murderer!

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