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Collect followers. Hunt your friends. Play Mocking Birds. Do you have what it takes to be the best bird? Mocking Birds is one of the top new games from AirConsole. This is a game that is great for parents, kids, and anyone who loves a good video game. AirConsole brings the hunt right to your smartphone and laptop!

Mocking Birds can be played by 2-5 different players at the same time. Each bird has its own unique personality, color, and shape. Before you know it, you will be soaring through the sky with your other players.

How to Play

There are a few different functions inside of Mocking Birds. First, as you fly, you will be able to collect as many followers as you can. This happens when you catch up to an egg and watch them hatch. Other players will be fighting for the same eggs. Can you collect more than the others by the end of the round?

Mocking Birds also allows you to hunt your friends. So, whatever you do, do not let your friends get ahead of you! It may seem like a simple game, but you will be surprised at how much fun you have. You and your friends will not be able to wait before your next rematch. There is a reason that Mocking Birds is fast becoming one of AirConsole’s most sought-after party games in our series.

Do you have what it takes to beat the levels of Mocking Birds and see what comes next each time you have a victory? Do not let the music throw you off, or let your friends psych you out – you have only one goal: to be the best bird you can be by collecting followers, hatching eggs, winning levels, and beating all of the other players. The more you and your friends practice, play, and have a ball, the better you will be at the game. You will be a pro at playing Mocking Birds in no time!

As long as you have access to a laptop, desktop, or smart TV and a smartphone, you can play Mocking Birds together whenever you want. There is no end to the fun you can have with this game, and all the other great party games from AirConsole as well. At AirConsole, we list Mocking Birds under our most popular party games because every time you play, it is guaranteed to be a party. Do not be surprised when you and your friends are hooked and wind up playing round after round on your smartphones. With Mocking Birds, your casual game session can quickly turn into a late-night marathon. It will be hard to put your controller down.

Fun for All Ages

One of the best things about Mocking Birds is that it is especially suited for younger kids. This makes it a great game to practice their hand-eye coordination. They can also learn the concepts of scoring points, meeting goals, and how to remember how a game works and what its rules are. If you are an older adult and would like to play an easy video game with the kids or grandkids, Mocking Birds is perfect for that as well.

Sure, you can connect friends to friends for fun. But it is also a perfect way to connect the whole family together. For moms and dads who want to get the family together, Mocking Birds is the ideal game for you. Likewise, if office mishaps are accruing, and your employees and managers are working at cross purposes, deadlines are being missed or delayed, or your team just does not seem to be working very well together, Mocking Birds is a great stress reliever. Individuals can focus their energies toward a common goal.

Besides that, do not forget that you can connect with this game anywhere you have internet access. This includes home, school, or in your office’s breakroom. Because Mocking Birds is free to play, you and your group do not have to pay membership or registration fees, and you do not have to purchase additional software, equipment, or controllers to play. This is true for all of AirConsole’s exciting video games.

Be the first in your group of friends to log in to Mocking Birds. Then you can be the first of your friends and family to tell everyone all about it. Before you know it, you will all be playing Mocking Birds together. With so many hours of party entertainment and healthy competition, you will wonder what you did before you discovered this red-hot game. There is a reason everyone is talking about AirConsole’s Mocking Birds, and now it is your turn to find out for yourself.

Want to start playing right now? Get your smartphones ready, it is time to show off your top-bird skills!


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