Ice Breaker Games

Ice breaker games keep any group atmosphere lively and fun.

AirConsole is a free online multiplayer gaming platform that can help break the ice among strangers easily. This gaming system is designed to be used by multiple players, making it a great choice for ice breaker games at any activity or event.

AirConsole requires only a smart TV or laptop to be used as a main gaming screen and a smartphone for a personalized touch screen controller. Using the smart TV or laptop that you plan to use as your main gaming screen, you can log on to the AirConsole homepage. Once you click on the start button, you will see an access code appear on your screen. Next, with your smartphone, log on to the AirConsole web page again where you will be prompted to input the same access code. AirConsole has made it as easy as possible for anyone to have all different kinds of video games at hand. Anyone that wants to take part in the gaming needs only to go to the AirConsole web page and type in the code that’s displayed on the main screen.

Ice breaker games bring people together easier when a group begins interacting with one another for the first time. Video gaming allows people to relax and open up to one another while having a few laughs. Ice breakers are useful for family reunions, dinner parties, youth group activities, sleep overs, birthday parties, and even business meetings.

AirConsole promotes friendship and teamwork through cooperative video games such as Rakete, Greek for Speed, ClusterPuck 99 and Castle Hustle. In cooperative games, players have to work together as a team rather than against each other. Players must share game resources and use their communication skills to make decisions, which makes these excellent ice breaker games.

Playing video games with others makes for an interactive and fun way to meet new people. Video gaming is also an ideal choice for anyone looking to relieve stress or just kill some time. Ice breakers often aim to serve both of those purposes. Meeting new people is often stressful and ice breaker games are a great way to relieve stress and get people talking at any event.

On top of serving as great ice breakers, video games also improve vision and hand eye coordination.  This is clearly demonstrated in games like Silly World Series – Cliff Hanger. Fast-paced gaming helps improve your reaction time significantly by constantly bombarding you with new things happening on the screen. There are also what are called “brain games” such as puzzle and memory games which lead to an increase in cognitive function in people of all ages.  These games serve as great ice breakers as you challenge your new friends. Games like Castle Hustle encourage and promote the development of teamwork, communication skills, and leadership skills.

AirConsole has a wide variety of games that help serve as ice breakers by starting conversations. A few games that are worth mentioning are:

  • Rakete – AirConsole’s Rakete, published by Mario von Rickenbach, is an addicting puzzle game that will appeal to any group. Rakete can be played by anywhere from 2 to 5 players at a time. Rakete is based on physics and uses various puzzle like stages to keep players on their toes at all times. The objective of Rakete is to simply guide the spacecraft through the maze and position it safely on the landing pad. Each player controls a single thruster on the spacecraft. Players must communicate to cooperatively control the spacecraft. All players must use their understanding of physics and communication skills to get through this game. Rakete is a perfect game for 2-5 players and small groups of people. This ice breaker game is great for any group setting, event, or activity. Rakete keeps people talking, requires high levels of communication, helps develop teamwork, and breaks the ice quickly among new friends. Get started now!


  • Battle Snakes – AirConsole’s Battle Snakes, published by Aniode, is a game for groups of any size or age range. Battle Snakes can be played by one player or up to fifteen! Battle Snakes is a fast-paced retro arcade game. Players compete in Battle Snakes for green dots across a large map. Each green dot makes your snake longer. This game features various maps as well as moving obstacles. Players must maintain focus to survive while avoiding head on collisions. Because Battle Snakes allows for larger groups, it’s one of the best ice breakers for any party! Battle Snakes easily keeps any crowd well entertained. Get started now!


  • Greek for Speed – AirConsole’s Greek for Speed, published by Team Torch, is an action packed arcade platformer excellent for small group ice breakers. Greek for Speed takes 2 to 4 players. Greek for Speed will test your communication, faith and trust in one another with its high speed gameplay. Each player controls only a single ability of the game character. Players must use the ability they have at the right time so their character can smash their way through, jump over or slide under obstacles. This is a game that quickly and easily breaks the ice among smaller crowds with its intense and fast paced gameplay. The gameplay changes as the race progresses. Players will notice game speed increasing and their unique ability changing frequently. Greek for Speed will never have a quiet moment. Greek for Speed was made for groups of all ages and all skill levels with its one button game play system. Greek for Speed is also a good game for larger crowds as players can form teams of two, three or four and compete to see which team can survive the longest. Get started now!


  • Castle Hustle – AirConsole’s Castle Hustle, published by Julie Baechtold, Nicolas Matter and Xavier Heimgartner, is a cooperative castle defence game. Castle Hustle can host 2 to 5 players at a time. Castle Hustle is an excellent ice breaker game as it requires high levels of communication. In Castle Hustle players must keep their eyes on everything happening around them to keep from making simple mistakes. Castle Hustle is about defending your castle from magical creatures for as long as possible. Castle Hustle will have you and your teammates using everything and anything that is in your castle and at your disposal to defend yourself. In this castle defence survival game, you and your team must load the catapults and fire at the giant monsters that are approaching, meanwhile you must keep a keen eye on the resources you have left in your castle and plan your actions carefully. Players can throw and catch items in the game to get things done quickly, with coordinated team moves that can help ease the stress or end in total failure knocking you out. Castle Hustle breaks the ice quickly as it requires players to talk to one another non-stop. Get started now!


  • ClusterPuck 99 – AirConsole’s hit game ClusterPuck 99, published by PHL Collective, is an easy to play cooperative team sports game similar to soccer or football. ClusterPuck 99 is an 8 player game where players split into teams of 4 and compete in a timed game to score goals. ClusterPuck 99 requires teams to communicate and use various strategies and tricks to come out as winners in this fast-paced sports game. ClusterPuck 99 features ten different challenging maps that will bring out the best in your team. ClusterPuck 99 also has team trick moves that can help either side gain an advantage quickly. This ice breaker game is fun for all groups of all ages and requires little to no gaming skill to start with its simple control system. ClusterPuck 99 is an exceptional choice of game to help with building teams, teamwork and friendships. ClusterPuck 99 is the ice breaker game for all situations and any size crowd. Get started now!


  • Friends Quiz – AirConsole’s Friends Quiz, published by the AirConsole Team, is a relaxing trivia quiz game that can break the ice at any event or activity. You can play or create a quiz with your friends or family at any time. AirConsole’s Friends Quiz can take from 1 to 4 players at a time. Friends Quiz was designed specifically for small groups as a multiple choice quiz game. All players have a set amount of time to select an answer. Friends Quiz features both a general trivia version as well as a much more personalized NSFW (not safe for work) version, designed for good friends or couples. This can quickly get the conversation flowing with its questions. Get started now!


  • Tiles of Doom – AirConsole’s Tiles of Doom, published by Aniode, is a high speed puzzle matcher. Tiles of Doom is a 2 to 4 player vs player game. In this game, players compete to match stage pieces as fast as possible to solve the puzzle. Players must observe the stage carefully as there are dangerous lava pits and missing stage tiles. Tiles of Doom has brilliant 3D graphics and an easy to use control scheme. Tiles of Doom is great to use for small groups ice breakers. Get started now!


  • Silly World Series – AirConsole’s Silly World Series is an exciting set of mini games that can host from 1 to 8 people at a time. Silly World Series is a cartoon-like game that features very colourful characters and stages. Currently there are five games available to play in AirConsole’s Silly World Series. Silly Run Valley is a non-stop endless runner game. Players must dodge obstacles to see who can reach the farthest. The Hungry Games is a game all about reaction time. Players must compete to see who can eat the fruits that appear the fastest without accidently eating a bomb bug, which can put you out of the competition for good. Cliff Hanger is a rock climbing game where players compete to see who can get to the top of the Lachrymal waterfalls first, by putting in the directional input displayed on the rocks that protrude from the waterfall. Be careful though, because one mistake and your character will fall down. Derpy Dancing is a game that tests your memory. By remembering and inputting the same directional command, this game will have everyone on their toes. Hide and Seek is a game where players try to be the first one to reach grumpy turtle Agnes and hitch a ride across the Skeltara Desert. This button masher requires players to tap as fast as they can to make their character sneak up on Agnes while she is not looking. This set of mini games that AirConsole’s Silly World Series has to offer can appeal to audiences of all ages. The competitive Silly World Series games can serve as some of the best ice breakers. Get started now!


  • Hit Parade – AirConsole’s Hit Parade is a classic whack-a-mole type game. Hit Parade is a 1 to 8 player game where your character walks around a circle trying to smash fruits. All you have to do is smash the fruits as soon as your character gets close to gain points. If you miss a fruit in Hit Parade, your character topples over dazed and you may even lose a tier. Hit Parade has a ranking system that updates in real time just like racing games. Players can make a comeback at any time in this game through its scoring system. Quick reflexes, determination, and luck are key in this addicting race for points. Hit Parade is a hilarious cartoon style ice breaker game designed to be played by all ages. If there is ever a dull moment, this game is always a great idea to liven things up again. Hit Parade will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Taking up to 8 players, this game is perfect for any medium sized to small group of people. Get started now!


  • TankBall – AirConsole’s Tank Ball, published by Kobe Team, is a soccer game where the players roam the field as military tanks. TankBall is a 2 to 16 player game where players compete in teams to score goals. It’s a fast-paced, team oriented game. It requires skill, focus, and communication to come out as the winning team. TankBall plays through rounds quickly with its one minute and thirty second game timer. Players can shoot, push, pass, cross, kill and score. TankBall is an exceptional ice breaker game for handling large crowds of people. You can host between 2 to 16 players. Get started now!


The next time you are looking for ice breakers at your next event, look no further than AirConsole. Ice breaker games are a great way to get the conversation flowing at any event. Any of the games on the AirConsole site can serve as great ice breakers for any size group. All of the games are free to play for anyone with a smartphone, which makes AirConsole the perfect platform for all of your ice breaker games.