Ice Breaker Games

Ice breaker games keep any group atmosphere lively and fun.

AirConsole is a free online multiplayer gaming platform that can help break the ice among strangers easily. This gaming system is designed to be used by multiple players, making it a great choice for ice breaker games at any activity or event.

AirConsole requires only a smart TV or laptop to be used as a main gaming screen and a smartphone for a personalized touch screen controller. Using the smart TV or laptop that you plan to use as your main gaming screen, you can log on to the AirConsole homepage. Once you click on the start button, you will see an access code appear on your screen. Next, with your smartphone, log on to the AirConsole web page again where you will be prompted to input the same access code. AirConsole has made it as easy as possible for anyone to have all different kinds of video games at hand. Anyone that wants to take part in the gaming needs only to go to the AirConsole web page and type in the code that’s displayed on the main screen.

Ice breaker games bring people together easier when a group begins interacting with one another for the first time. Video gaming allows people to relax and open up to one another while having a few laughs. Ice breakers are useful for family reunions, dinner parties, youth group activities, sleep overs, birthday parties, and even business meetings.

AirConsole promotes friendship and teamwork through cooperative video games such as Rakete, Greek for Speed, ClusterPuck 99 and Castle Hustle. In cooperative games, players have to work together as a team rather than against each other. Players must share game resources and use their communication skills to make decisions, which makes these excellent ice breaker games.

Playing video games with others makes for an interactive and fun way to meet new people. Video gaming is also an ideal choice for anyone looking to relieve stress or just kill some time. Ice breakers often aim to serve both of those purposes. Meeting new people is often stressful and ice breaker games are a great way to relieve stress and get people talking at any event.

On top of serving as great ice breakers, video games also improve vision and hand eye coordination.  This is clearly demonstrated in games like Silly World Series – Cliff Hanger. Fast-paced gaming helps improve your reaction time significantly by constantly bombarding you with new things happening on the screen. There are also what are called “brain games” such as puzzle and memory games which lead to an increase in cognitive function in people of all ages.  These games serve as great ice breakers as you challenge your new friends. Games like Castle Hustle encourage and promote the development of teamwork, communication skills, and leadership skills.

AirConsole has a wide variety of games that help serve as ice breakers by starting conversations. A few games that are worth mentioning are:











The next time you are looking for ice breakers at your next event, look no further than AirConsole. Ice breaker games are a great way to get the conversation flowing at any event. Any of the games on the AirConsole site can serve as great ice breakers for any size group. All of the games are free to play for anyone with a smartphone, which makes AirConsole the perfect platform for all of your ice breaker games.

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