HTML Games

No software to download means you can start gaming right away!

What is HTML?

HTML games are created utilizing HTML and are meant to be played in your browser. HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is the standard markup language for making web pages and web applications. Along with JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), it forms the basis of tech for the web. Web browsers take HTML documents from local storage or a webserver and turn them into multimedia web pages. Basically, HTML describes the structure of a web page.

The language gives users a way to create structured documents by using structural wording for text like paragraph, headings, quotes, links, lists, and other items. Elements in HTML are delineated by tags using angle brackets. HTML tags usually come in pairs. The first is the start tag and the second is the end tag. The difference between them is that the end tag has a forward slash ahead of the tag name. Although it may sound boring, HTML can actually be used to make some really fun HTML games.

About HTML Games

Everywhere you go, you’ll see games - on your smartphone, through popular video gaming consoles, and online. Video games have become increasingly popular over the years. Some are really simple while others are much more complex. It’s easy to write games using HTML and JavaScript. It doesn’t take much time or effort and you don’t need any expensive equipment to develop them. The simplicity of HTML games is also what makes them so addictive. Since there is nothing to download, it’s easy to quickly start playing and lose track of time.

Why Play HTML Games?

If you’ve ever played a browser game or any of the games that come pre-installed on your computer, you’ve played HTML games. They’re really great because you don’t need any additional equipment beyond a basic computer setup.

What’s so great about these games? They can easily help your reflexes, test your analytical skills, make you improve your eye-hand coordination, and sharpen your tactical skills. Games don’t need intricate graphics or a long storyline to be exciting. HTML games can be just as fun every time you sit down to play with your friends and family. They’re incredibly memorable, too.

There are so many types of HTML games to choose from. Think about it: card games, simple shooter games, puzzles, and board games can all be played through HTML. Even the old arcade-style spacecraft games can be written with HTML and JavaScript.

About AirConsole

AirConsole is an online gaming platform that allows you to play video games wherever you are as long as you have a computer or smart TV that is hooked up to the internet. With AirConsole, your browser becomes your console and your smartphone becomes your controller. All you need is a good internet connection to get started.

It’s really easy to set up, too. Using your laptop, desktop, or smart TV, just go to the homepage and press the start button. A unique code will then be displayed on the screen. On your smartphone, go to the AirConsole homepage and enter that same code. This process will sync your smartphone and desktop, allowing your smartphone to become your video game controller. All of the games on the site are meant to be played by multiple players, so if your friends enter the same code into their phones, they instantly become connected as well.

AirConsole Games

With AirConsole, every game is free to play – you don’t need any other software or hardware to play. This means saving money on expensive consoles and games! Just like HTML games, most of the games you can play on AirConsole are simple and so entertaining.

Really, there are too many games to count. You can try out new ones every week and never be bored again!

Try AirConsole for Your Next Event

AirConsole games are perfect for kids, teens, and adults, so you can break out your smartphones and screens any time a group of people get together. Try it out at your next party or family event. They’re even perfect for the office during lunch breaks! It’s sure to change up the way you play games with others. They’re incredibly interactive and so easy to play. AirConsole is a free platform, and just like with HTML games, gaming is easy because there is no additional software to download.

AirConsole is also great for solo play, so the next time you’re at home and want to try something new to pass the time, head on over to AirConsole and just press the start button. New games are added regularly, so go to the homepage and check them out!

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