Games for Groups

If you are looking for a way to play games for groups, look no further! Here is a list of the best games for groups on AirConsole.

With AirConsole you have the ability to turn your laptop or Smart TV into a video game console. AirConsole is a free online multiplayer video gaming platform designed for audiences of all ages. It’s 100% free and requires nothing but an internet browser and a smartphone. No additional hardware or software needed. Whether you are looking for small group games or large group games, you are sure to find the perfect group games here.

AirConsole works by using your laptop or Smart TV as a main screen and your smartphone as a gaming controller. Anyone can use AirConsole’s online gaming system. Just follow these simple steps to start playing. It only takes a few minutes!  

  1. Log onto the official AirConsole web page on your laptop or smart television
  2. Use your smartphone to log onto the AirConsole web page ( or download the free AirConsole app.
  3. Your big screen will show you a verification access code. Enter that code into your smartphone.
  4. Anyone who wants to join in on the action can take out their smartphone and log in with the same code!

AirConsole is great for any occasion or group setting because it can host hundreds of players at a time. Their library is full of multiplayer group games to choose from. Spend hours enjoying video games with friends and family wherever there’s a screen and an internet connection.   

Unlike many other gaming systems, AirConsole is not limited to living rooms. Our small group games and large group games are great for team-building. Try them out in a conference room with your co-workers. Their player vs player (PvP) games add an element of friendly competition, and AirConsole’s wide range of cooperative multiplayer games help improve teamwork in any work environment. Try it out during your next big meeting!

Whether you want to hone in on your gaming skills with your friends, family, or co-workers, there’s a game for every type of player. Here are our current favorite picks of small group games:

  • AirConsole’s Friends Quiz – Show off your knowledge! Friends Quiz is a 2 to 4 player trivia game that offers tons of quizzes in many different categories: art, music, geography, you name it. Teachers can even use AirConsole in their classrooms as a teaching tool by creating their own custom trivia games for a small group of students. Or you can test your closest friends by writing questions about yourself and having them guess the answers. There’s also a NSFW (not safe for work) version of quizzes that are designed for more intimate couples as well.
  • AirConsole’s Castle Hustle – Defeat an army of giants with your friends. Castle Hustle is a castle defense game that will have you and your friends playing for hours. It’s a 2 to 5 player game that relies on teamwork and excellent communication. In this online game, your goal is to defend the king’s castle from magical monsters approaching from the horizon. You have to defend yourself by loading items in your castle’s catapults and firing at the giants. Players can throw and catch items to each other to try and save time. Watch out for flying barrels and be careful not to knock yourself or your teammates out! The object of this game is to survive as long as possible and kill as many giants as you can while coordinating with your group. Castle Hustle is a great game for any small group of people who would like to work better together or want to improve their team skills.

If our small group games don’t meet your needs, AirConsole also has a great selection of games for large groups! This means AirConsole is a great activity to play for birthdays, graduation parties, family gatherings, and casual get-togethers for people of all ages. Here are a few to get started:

  • AirConsole’s Battle Snakes – Battle Snakes is a player vs player (PvP) fast-paced old school arcade game for up to 15 users! In Battle Snakes, players fight one another to collect green dots for points. As they collect dots, snakes will grow longer and longer. It’s a race to see who can grow their snake to the finish line first without crashing into anyone else. Battle Snakes is also available for solo play.
  • AirConsole’s Silly World Series – Silly World Series is very similar to the ever popular Nintendo hit Mario Party. Choose your favorite character and play awesome mini games! Race, dance, avoid obstacles, or scale rocks in different environments with your friends. Silly World Series is for groups of up to 8 or for solo play. The mini games currently available on Silly World Series are:
    • Silly Run Valley – Swipe up and down on your phone to outrun your friends. Silly Run Valley is an endless non-stop runner mini game very similar to the popular mobile hit game Temple Run. Players must react in time to see who can last the longest.
    • The Hungry Games – The Hungry Games is a fast-paced game that relies on reaction time. Players must compete to see who can eat the fruits that appear first. Watch out you don’t mistake a fruit for a bomb bug!
    • Cliff Hanger – What’s your fastest time? Cliff Hanger is a game all about speed. Players must make their characters climb dangerous heights. Swipe in all the right directions to avoid falling all the way down the cliff.
    • Derpy Dancing – How good is your memory? Derpy Dancing is a great way to test your memorization skills. You and the other players must remember different patterns and input them correctly to make your characters dance.
    • Hide and Sneak – Here’s a hilarious button smasher anyone can enjoy. In Hide and Sneak players must attempt to sneak up to a giant turtle, named Agnes, and jump on her back for a ride across the desert. Players have to try to walk up to Agnes as fast as possible while she isn’t looking and hide before she turns around.
  • AirConsole’s Poly Racers – This fun party game allows you to control your own ship while navigating different types of obstacles that either speed you up or slow you down. Poly Racers is an addicting retro game that anyone can enjoy with a simple, two-button gameplay. It’s similar to the classic arcade game Tron. Players must dodge the other players’ trail line while racing towards the finish. You can also press both buttons at the same time to stop or shoot at each other. This 2 to 8 player game is easy to play and enjoyable for groups of all ages.

Finding free games for groups to play, especially games for large groups, used to be a challenge. Now large group games are possible utilizing only the technology you currently have with AirConsole. Group games have the ability to bring people together while having a great time. Have fun exploring a wide selection of games for groups of any size today.