Games for Android TV

The AirConsole for Android TV app transforms your Android TV into a video game console.

Are you looking for an exciting and innovative way to play games for Android TV without spending a cent? AirConsole is a completely new system that works with your smartphone and Android TV so you can play hours of video games without spending hundreds of dollars on consoles and games.

Android TV has been an essential movement in the way of entertainment and how you view television and movies. Now you will be able to play some incredible video games by turning your Android TV system into a video game console and your phone into the controller or gamepad.

Your Next Party will be a Blast!

AirConsole specializes in multiplayer games so that you can compete against your friends using your smartphone and Android TV. Whether it’s a casual gathering, a birthday, a family get-together, or a party, AirConsole is easy to set up. Since all you need is a smartphone to play, everybody already has their game controls in their pockets! You never have to worry about buying additional equipment or controllers again.

 AirConsole’s Awesome Games for Android TV

No matter what kind of games you like, there are many fun-filled games to play using your Android TV and the AirConsole app. More games for the Android TV app are being added on a regular basis. Here are some of our favorites to choose from:

Quiz: Want to show your friends how intelligent you are? The game Quiz is a mind game where all players, whether in teams or on their own, will attempt to answer questions quickly and correctly. You can even create your own quiz to stump your friends, which is a great idea for themed parties! What’s great about this game is that it can also be used as a study tool for students in schools and universities.

PolyRacer: Try to stay alive playing AirConsole’s PolyRacer, where you can control a spaceship with your smartphone. You’ll dodge obstacles and navigate through every level to launch missiles and take out other players. In this exciting game, you’ll need to make the difficult decision: will you fire missiles and risk getting hit yourself? Or save ammunition and fly as fast as you can?

TicTacBoom: For those who appreciate a more retro look, you can play the bomberman game TicTacBoom. Trap your friends then blow them up – but be careful not to get blown up yourself. Enjoy the electric 8-bit music, speed boosts, explosive effects, and awesome animation.

Remon & Honey: You can control witches on brooms who’ve got a serious attitude problem in the super-fun game Remon & Honey. Working with your teammate, you’ll send brightly-colored missiles into the sky to defeat your enemies. Collect all of the powerups, avoid obstacles, and defeat your enemies together. Remon & Honey is one of the most innovative and fun games for Android TV.

AirShields: Together with your friends, you’ll construct a shield in the most original shoot-em-up game AirShields. Rather than you doing the shooting, however, you’ll be doing the building. The game keeps you challenged as you try to complete your own individual circle without having your shield get shot down.  

Texas HoldEm Poker: Playing poker with friends has never been easier with AirConsole’s Texas HoldEm Poker game for Android TV. Why bother getting out the chips and cards when you can simply use your phone and play with your friends? Each person’s smartphone displays their hand and allows them to bet, bluff and win. So simple, yet so genius.

Crystal Control: Grab another player and try out the competitive game Crystal Control. Just capture the crystals and try to take out the other player before time runs out. This game is insanely popular and will be a new favorite with you and your best friend.

Zombie Annihilation: One of the newest games for Android TV using AirConsole’s app, Zombie Annihilation is just that – a zombie-killing thrill of a ride! You’ll take out the undead in ways you never imagined and you’ll do it alongside your closest friends. This game is pretty intense and will rev you up in all the right ways!

Adequate Bingo: You’ve never seen bingo like this... while all of the best shooting or racing games are great for livening up a party, Adequate Bingo is a new take on an old game that keeps you quick on your feet! You’ll be hard-pressed to keep up with everyone else and enter the right numbers to get your completed line. The first one to get it right wins! Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop.

With our games for Android TV, you can Start Playing Now!

As if all of these entertaining games weren’t enough, there’s a bonus YouTube app where you can make collaborative music playlists with all of your friends. Getting started playing games for Android TV is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions on the AirConsole app. Just download and go!



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