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The best smartphone game controller is the one you already own.

AirConsole Brings the Fun To Your PC and Smartphone

AirConsole is the newest and best free online video gaming software available. When you’re bored on the train going home or need to liven up a lame office gathering, AirConsole has just the thing for you. With a quick touch of your fingers, you can have access to a whole world of video gaming. AirConsole gaming is best enjoyed in a group setting so that you can take the greatest advantage of its multiplayer functionality. While some of the games are for two or four players, there are also many games that allow for up to thirty players at a time.  AirConsole is easy to use and completely free to use as well. AirConsole works by turning your smartphone into the best mobile gaming controller and your browser into the gaming console.

AirConsole Gaming

AirConsole is powered by and developed by N-Dream AG. N-Dream AG is a Swiss-based software company founded by Andrin von Rechenberg. He and his team of software engineers are committed to becoming the number one platform for party and multiplayer gaming. They have hit on a masterpiece with the AirConsole software, which is gaining in popularity.

How Do You Use AirConsole?

AirConsole is super easy to use. Once you are on the homepage, you will be directed to hit a big green start button, which will cause the screen to go full screen and provide you with a numeric code. The code, called the link code, must be keyed in to your smartphone to complete the connection.  This is done via either the AirConsole app for iPhone or Android, or in your smartphone’s browser. Once the browser has detected your smartphone, the screen will switch to the game menu which will showcase the many video game options available to the user. Choose a game to begin playing immediately, while anyone else in the room with a smartphone need only follow the same instructions and enter the same code as you to join in the multiplayer fun. Games can be cooperative or competitive, with either teams or every man for himself.

AirConsole Features

AirConsole comes with some amazing features. Here are just a few of those great features:        

AirConsole developers are constantly updating the game library, adding more and more fun titles to the mix. A new game is released every Friday.

With AirConsole gaming, there is no need to be constantly making hardware upgrade purchases. Unlike traditional consoles, which may become obsolete, or may become damaged or stolen, AirConsole suffers from none of these problems. Your smartphone becomes the best phone controller because it’s not an additional purchase. Once you log on to AirConsole servers, your own browser becomes the video gaming console. There is no clunky unit that needs to be plugged into the correct power source and connected via HDMI. Also, your smartphone becomes the video game controller; there is no need to hunt up extra control pads when your entire crew of friends is together. The best mobile gaming controller is actually just your smartphone! AirConsole games are on the website, and new games are published on the website, free for all to enjoy, so AirConsole users also avoid the pitfall of having to constantly spend upwards of thirty dollars for a new game, which may or may not be a good buy or a fun game. There is also no additional software necessary to purchase to use AirConsole, which is an added bonus. Whereas traditional consoles often feature software content that must be downloaded and in many cases also paid for, AirConsole has no downloads and no extra software. Once the user connects via the link code, they can begin playing immediately.

The site comes with a built-in NES Emulator. All you have to do is load up the emulator into the browser, and AirConsole software automatically runs the game for you. The built in emulator allows you to play almost all of your old favorite NES titles, using your smartphone as your control pad. You won’t need to get a USB control pad to start playing, as remember, AirConsole turns your own smartphone into the console’s controller. The emulator works with most NES games and should you encounter difficulty in playing a particular game, it is advised that you simply find another copy of the ROM file and try that one. Users will have to negotiate the legality of how they acquired the ROM files as AirConsole does not make any allowances for that aspect of the function.

AirConsole games feature games for everyone, with many different types of games available on the platform. Featured genres of games are quizzes, sports, racing, strategy, cards, classic arcade and party games. There are lots of great games for families as well as groups.

AirConsole is perfect for groups. It features vast multiplayer capabilities. Whereas regular consoles may allow for two to four players, possibly eight in a few cases, AirConsole possesses the ability to cater for up to thirty players at a time in a single game. While some titles allow for two and four player capability, AirConsole features a majority of games that can handle so many more players. Your entire group can join in the fun, without having to wait out rounds due to lack of control pads. Everyone has a smartphone, which now doubles as the control pad and only one TV is needed, functioning just like a regular console.

The newest consoles on the market today easily cost more than two hundred and fifty dollars. This is bargain base price and gamers must still shell out further cash to purchase games, downloadable content, and additional control pads if they want to enjoy the fun with friends. AirConsole is completely and one hundred percent free. There is no cost associated with playing any of the games, and as mentioned, there is no additional software to download. AirConsole is that great party gaming software everyone loves, that costs nothing to play and always rocks the crowd.

AirConsole Fun Times

As mentioned, AirConsole is perfect for any group gathering, as long as there is an internet connection. Here are just a few occasions when AirConsole can be a perfect fit for those involved.

If you invite twenty friends over for a few drinks, snacks and a night of fun, AirConsole is the perfect party favor. Everyone owns a smartphone, so everyone at the gathering can join in the fun, and with the free nature of AirConsole gaming, there is no risk or distress to anyone’s pocket. AirConsole features all manner of classic and favorite arcade games, as well as innovative new multiplayer and party pieces that will have your friends eager for more. Organize teams, keep score, play against rivals and friends - AirConsole allows for all of that and more. With the huge number of games available, there are hours of fun to be had for you and your guests.

Spending time with family is important, and most parents try to schedule at least one family type night a week, to ensure quality time is spent by all in the home. Studies have shown that this kind of family bonding and downtime is necessary and good for the well-adjusted individual and has benefits for young and old. The trouble with family night can often be the difficulty in turning off the computer, putting down the smartphone and dealing with the unrelenting boredom of children. AirConsole solves all these problems in one swift click of a start button. The PC need not be switched off, because that is what is going to become the console, along with the TV. Smartphones need not be put away, because the smartphones are the controllers, and the kids will be engaged, because, all children love video games. AirConsole also features games specifically designed for family fun, so parents need not struggle to find the right kind of game.

If it’s your turn to babysit all the kids on the block, plugging them all into AirConsole might save some of your sanity. The number of games available provides hours of fun and the ease with which players join, via smartphone, ensures that none of the kiddies are left out. AirConsole is the best smartphone game controller for children because no additional hardware is needed. There is no risk of them becoming overzealous and damaging your expensive store bought console nor is there any cost to entertaining upwards of ten hyper little ones.

When you are stuck waiting for that boring office function or get dragged along on a long office trip, AirConsole is just the thing to liven up the proceedings. Office functions always require that you carry along your laptop, and you and your office buddies only need one to enjoy hours of fun. Smartphones, one laptop and enough free time in between conferences or meetings and you and the office gang can re-create the lunch hour arena, wherever the boss drags you.

The last place you might think a fun filled gaming site like AirConsole could be of use is a classroom environment.  AirConsole has some functionality that could be put to good use and not just time wasting. With the Quiz game teachers have the ability to create quizzes, where they ask the question on the browser screen and the students answer via their own smartphones. AirConsole tracks stats and will record and show the number of students who got answers right or wrong. A novel way to test kids, keep them from skylarking on smartphones during class and show that you are by far the coolest teacher ever. AirConsole is the perfect way to put the best mobile game controller to work.

AirConsole and the Competition

AirConsole has many competitors who make a similar product. Only AirConsole offers users all the many functions, all the great games and all free for users. There are many apps available in the app store, for both Android and iPhone, which offer a maximum of ten games, but none offer an over thirty game library, plus the promise of constant additions to that library. The quality offered by AirConsole, when duplicated by other software developers, is usually offered to the public at a cost. Only AirConsole delivers the top quality performance and graphics to users for free. AirConsole is the best phone game controller because no other mobile phone game converter offers the options and multiplayer support that users enjoy with AirConsole. For a certainty as well, there are no competitors out there with the added NES emulator function that comes with AirConsole.

AirConsole Compatibility

AirConsole comes with immediate compatibility with a number of third-party platforms. Regardless of the device you use, or the browser on your PC or device, it is likely that AirConsole supports it. AirConsole works with the following platforms:

iPhone users are able to access AirConsole via the AirConsole app or through the iPhone browser. The app is available on the app store and is free to download. While iPhone users can access AirConsole through the iPhone browser, the experience is best when using the AirConsole app for iPhones.

AirConsole has an app on the app store for Android smartphones and devices. The software is fully compatible with all Android software as well as Android browsers. Enhance your experience by using the AirConsole Android app.

AirConsole can also be used on Android TV via the Android TV app. One thing to note is that not every game is available on Android TV.

Airconsole currently works on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Users will experience no issues while playing games via any of these browsers turned consoles with AirConsole.

AirConsole Games

AirConsole is so popular with users because it features a wide selection of fun games. AirConsole games are themed in old arcade style and genres like sports, quiz, and adventure games. Here is a list of the wonderful games available on AirConsole.

Tower of Babel is a fun multiplayer game where the object is to attempt to build a tower as high as possible. The game is capable of supporting one to eight players. Gameplay may seem cooperative because all the players have the same goal of trying to build the tower higher, but this is not the case. The game is, in fact, competitive, as the real aim of the game is to cause friends to break the tower, while doing your best not to break the tower yourself. There are power-ups for users to take advantage of, and many other ways to cause your opponent to break the tower. Tower of Babel can keep you and seven friends shouting and laughing for hours.

This game pays homage to the popular and risqué game, Cards Against Humanity. There is an in-game narrator named Norman, powered by AirConsole AI who puts a hilarious spin on everything. The game has multiplayer capability and can allow for up to thirty players all playing at the same time.

Instantly turn your laptop or PC into an online karaoke machine and let the fun times roll. The AirConsole Karaoke game comes with over seven thousand songs pre-loaded, and new songs are added weekly. With AirConsole Karaoke, the artists help you sing, and whenever you cannot remember the lines or are too drunk to say the words, the artists will sing along for you. With the AirConsole Karaoke game, you can host your own karaoke night with your friends, with nothing but a PC and a few smartphones.

This game is akin to the popular console game, Mario Party. Supporting up to eight players at the same time, Silly World Series allows friends to compete in a series of absolutely absurd mini games. Currently available mini games are Silly Run, The Hungry Games, Cliff Hanger, Hide and Sneak and more. Each game presents a unique challenge and requires a different skill to be the best.

PolyRacer is what you get when you intelligently cross the popular arcade classic Asteroid with a multiplayer platform. In this game, you control a triangle shaped ship as you attempt to evade or blast potentially dangerous objects and obstacles. The problems increase when friends are added to the mix, and users now have to dodge unfriendly fire as well as the spinning obstacles. The battle rages to see who will be supreme and the ultimate PolyRacer at your next get-together. This game supports single-player as well as multiplayer functions and allows for as many as up to thirty players at one time.

This fantastic game lets you play any number of AirConsole generated quizzes and lets you create your own unique quizzes to challenge friends. There are two different modes, Trivia and FriendsQuiz and each is quite fun. With Trivia, everyone answers general questions on regular topics like music, weather, sports and art within a set time frame. With FriendsQuiz, each friend has to answer a personal question about him or herself while other players guess what the answer may be. This mode features a naughty question option, so you have to be careful who you play with so as not to embarrass yourself or ruin any friendships. This game supports any number of players, from one all the way to possibly three thousand.

Clusterpuck 99 is a fast paced fun filled sports based game. Supporting up to eight users, Clusterpuck 99 features ten amazing maps to compete in a variety of ways with your friends. Highly addictive and hours of fun, Clusterpuck 99 is a must for your next party. There is also a single player challenge mode, so you can secretly practice becoming better than your friends. The game records stats and replays and also allows for customization.

Castle Hustle is a cooperative multiplayer tower defense game, where you and up to four additional friends defend the king’s castle from hordes of magical creatures. This game is very much about teamwork and surviving as a team unit, not about competing against each other. The premise is that the army of the king is away on a great expedition and chaos has broken loose. Avoid fire from teammates, avoid blasting teammates with your catapult and defeat the giants that seek to breach the castle walls. Will you and your team claim victory?

Think soccer, with tanks, and you have the innovative and fun game of Tankball! This game supports from two to sixteen players for a multiplayer experience that brings hours of joy. In addition to the joys of scoring goals, users may also gain much satisfaction from shooting up their friends, after all, we are using tanks.

Spacebot Knights supports from two to six players in a fun and gorgeous space age game. The object is simple, slash and bash your opponents out of existence to be the first to reach and score goals. The game features three modes, standard, sumo and sudden death that add differing layers to the fun factor of this game.

Pad Poker gives you the chance to play some poker against friends in a less serious and more fun environment. When you do not want the hassle of chips and a big enough table, Pad Poker is the perfect solution to up the ante on a game night with friends. Utilize AirConsole as the best smartphone controller in place of a deck of cards. The game supports from two to ten players and forces players to find unique ways to out bluff their opponents to win it all.

This is an exciting and fast bullet hell shooter for two players. You and a friend are two witches, on brooms, who are on a mission to blow up everything in sight. There are power-ups and upgrades, so your witches can dish it out with maximum force.

This game is the AirConsole remake of the classic arcade game, Pong. In this game, up to four friends compete to keep the balls away from their goal. There are power-ups that can be exploited and the play can be ruthless at times. All in the name of good fun!

Tic Tac Boom is the AirConsole answer to Bomberman. The game will bring hours of joy to fans of the classic arcade game as well as fans of speed games. The classic style avatars and 8-bit music are a little reminiscent of Mega-Man style games. To win the game, you must trap friends in areas where they cannot escape, due to either explosions or obstacles. Tic Tac Boom features power-ups that are unpredictable; players are never totally sure what the effect will be when using a power-up. The game supports two to eight players and is highly addictive.

Crystal Control is a two player bullet hell shooter. Players complete on opposing sides of the screen. The challenge is to blow your opponent up before the time limit ends.

These games are just the tip of the iceberg of what is available on AirConsole. The best phone controller is the one you already own. The beauty of AirConsole is in its simplicity. Start playing quickly by playing in the browser. AirConsole turns your smartphone into the best mobile controller, compatible with the best online games!

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