Castle Hustle Update!

And so is the big Castle Hustle update we’ve all been waiting for! New enemy, new levels and much much more.

The new updated Castle Hustle features on top of everything a new sneaky enemy within the walls, tons of new challenging levels and difficulties, ability to control more than one peasant and highly improved graphics and sound. Another excellent new feature is single player mode - controlling two or more peasants on your own.

Castle Hustle is a cooperative local multiplayer game in which you and your friends defend a castle against enormous creatures. The goal of the game is to survive waves of enemies as a team, so you will need to efficiently communicate with your teammates. Each player gets four actions per turn which include actions such as walking, grabbing and throwing.

The team behind  Castle Hustle spent the summer of 2016 somewhere deep in the Swedish woods. Located hundreds of kilometers from cities their goal was to work intensely on new features for the beloved Castle Hustle game. They were staying in “Stugan”, which translates to “The Cabin”. Really, Stugan is an annual non-profit game acceleration where 20 indie developers get together for 7 weeks to create, update or improve the game of their dreams.

It is safe to say that the game acceleration getaway was successful for the team and we are happy to introduce the brand new Castle Hustle.

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