WebGL Games

The next generation of gaming is here with WebGL games.

One of the awesome new features of web-based gaming is the ability to use OpenGL and hardware-accelerated graphic engines right in your browser. No more downloading cumbersome stand-alone software that eats up space on your hard drive and needs updates every three days. WebGL is one of the most exciting developments in video gaming technology. It allows what we consider to be some of the coolest features of the modern gaming era while bringing back the lost art of the local multiplayer game.

WebGL has opened up a whole new world for game developers and gamers alike. WebGL is both powerful and simple, so it has become an increasingly popular new web technology. Though the technology is new, the possibilities are endless. You are going to see more games developed for WebGL because you no longer have to develop for different devices. Most iOS and Android programs are coded in different languages, which means developers have to create two different versions of the same program to release a single game. With WebGL, that's no longer necessary.

About AirConsole

AirConsole knows all of the benefits that come with this system, so we created a unique way to interface with WebGL using your smartphone. Instead of using your mouse and keyboard as a controller with PC gaming, we developed a way to sync your smartphone to a browser session and use it like you would any console gamepad or controller.

WebGL allows both 2D and 3D rendering at a very high quality, and since it's processed on the GPU, it's fast, too. Because of this, you will get none of the lag often associated with software-rendered graphics. It's not just being used by game developers either. In fact, scientific and biomedical researchers have used it to create simulations and models. Since it's an extension of the native web browser, it's easy to create programs for it using regular HTML and JavaScript. Game developers are especially flocking to WebGL because of its portability, quality, and platform independence. AirConsole takes advantage of these awesome features and extends its functionality to your smartphone as well.

With AirConsole, there is no need to buy any additional software. Using the platform is quick and easy. All you have to do is open the site on your laptop or desktop, hit the start button in the middle of the screen, and then open up our home page on your smartphone. Once you enter the numeric code into your smartphone, the session between your smartphone (the controller) and your computer (the console) is linked, so you do not need Bluetooth or any extra hardware either. You can use the AirConsole gaming system with any device that has a web browser. This means that it is also compatible with tablets, desktops, and smart TVs as well.

AirConsole’s Unique WebGL Games

With AirConsole you can play a wide variety of games with your friends and family. We offer card games, puzzles, racing games, and addictive yet classic arcade style games. For example, if you're into the whole nostalgia factor of gaming, AirConsole also has an emulator for the very first Nintendo system (NES), so you can play Castlevania or Super Mario Brothers too if you want. Our developers at AirConsole are always in the process of expanding our list of video games as well, so stay tuned as we continue to create more.

The best part is the local multiplayer mode, which brings back the social side of gaming. All players that wish to participate in the game enter the same numeric code on their smartphone that is displayed on the screen. This is especially great for a family get-together, reunion, date night, or a party with friends. No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, there’s always a good game to play. Or if you’re looking for something to entertain the kids, there are so many games that children love to play on AirConsole. Check out the Silly World Series mini-games to test your reaction time, memory, and speed. The simple interface is easy enough even for children. Just set it up and watch them go!

If it’s an adult party you’re attending, you can play a game called Cards and Humanity for a card game that is guaranteed to make you and your friends laugh out loud all night long. You can also try out a turn-based cooperative multiplayer game called Castle Hustle for your next party. In this game, you and your teammates defend the King's castle against your king’s enemies. It’s a really fun way to incorporate strategies and teamwork into your gaming routine.

AirConsole’s games are meant to bring people together. For this reason, our video games were especially designed for multiplayer modes. However, many of these games also have a single player mode if you’re bored and just want to kill a little time on your own. Tower of Babel is a tower builder game that packs plenty of fun into its single player mode. Although the objective is simple, it’s harder than you think to keep the tower from knocking down. Practice on your own and take pleasure in destroying the competition next time your friends are around!

AirConsole wants you to re-think the way you’ve been playing video games in the past. Brower-based gaming is not only convenient and fun, but you can use devices that you already have at home. Grab your best friend and your smartphones and you can get started playing – for free! - today.

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