Top 5 multiplayer games to play in the office with AirConsole

Bored in your lunch breaks? Tired of talking about work while enjoying your food? AirConsole is the solution!

A quick game with co-workers can make stressful spreadsheets and boring forms seem a mile away. In fact, a break from the grind is vital to happiness and productivity in the workplace--but even work lunches and dinners can become infected with “work talk”. Remember that time Sally discussed expenses while passing the meatballs? Yeah, I do too.

AirConsole is the perfect experience for engaging with your co-workers in a fun competitive environment. Boundaries in the workplace will quickly fade away as the fun begins. Who knows? You might start to respect Steve once you find out he’s a Quiz Trivia master. Here're AirConsole’s five favorite games for workplace gaming:

1. AirShields

Airshields is a modern day take on “ring around the rosy”. But instead of acting like kids throwing themselves around with reckless abandon, you and your friends can be copartners in the construction of a circular shield. The goal of AirShields is to shoot into the middle of the circular core. Each connecting missile hits the center and forms a part of a circle protecting that core. Each shot fired makes each consecutive shot more difficult. If you want to succeed in this game, you’ll have to work together in perfect coordination--or you’ll have to start all over! Now you can also play Airshields with highscores!


2. Quiz

Our fantastic quiz game features a Trivia Quiz, FriendsQuiz and User Quiz all in one stylish package. Find out who is the smartest among your colleagues in Trivia. Maybe it is time to get to know them better in a hilarious round of Friends Quiz - or blush wildly in the NSFW mode. But we recommend sticking to the Trivia Quiz for the workplace unless you are very close co-workers.


3. BattleSnakes

BattleSnakes is AirConsole’s unique take on snakes. Play traditional Snake multiplayer--where you collect pellets of food to grow and score while avoiding your teammates, or test out the newly added Tron mode which requires a considerable amount of forethought and strategy. Will you turn your snake-like line first and block off your friend, or will you be the one blocked off? You better make your decision quick! BattleSnakes is a great example of the immediate retro action you can find on AirConsole--and the best part is, it’s all highlighted by fantastic electronic music to up the stakes.


4. The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is a team-based game inspired by Angry Birds and Worms. You can play with up to 8 of your friends where each team consists of 4 players. Because of the game’s turn based nature, you can also play with uneven numbers and the game remains balanced, so if you have a deep urge to play 1 against 4 or any other combination, you can!

Each character in your house controls one whacky weapon, which you and your team fire in turns. The missiles include things like a bouncy cow, an explosive bird, and good old fashioned bombs. During the game, you can activate several power-ups that either help your team or annoy your opponents.



5. Dodge Drop

Most games require you to rise. Dodge Drop is different in that it requires to drop to the ground level as fast as possible. You and your friends work together in a competition to reach the bottom level. Along the way, you’ll have to dodge moving obstacles while interacting with unique physics mechanics. Will you try to roll along, dodge, or just drop? Dodge Drop is a highly simple game to learn, but the beauty is that it’s difficult to master, and incredibly satisfying to win.


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