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AirConsole Gaming Is The Best Choice For Multiplayer Gaming

AirConsole software is the most incredible phenomenon to hit the gaming world since Pong. No longer do you need expensive consoles and peripherals like control pads to enjoy the thrills of multiplayer combat with your friends. AirConsole is a software that turns your PC into the video game console and turns your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, into the video game controller. The software is one hundred percent free, and there are no additional downloads or purchases to make. Many of the games feature multiplayer capabilities so you and as many friends as you can gather in one room can have hours of competitive fun. AirConsole is also very easy to use, it takes about twenty-five seconds to log in and begin gaming, and the software is easy to navigate. Multiplayer games online have been changed forever!

AirConsole the Company

AirConsole is software program developed by the team at N-Dream AG. N-Dream AG is a Swiss-based software company, founded by Andrin von Rechenberg. He and his team are committed to becoming the number one source for multiple player games in the world. They have created the AirConsole software, which is constantly growing in popularity and earning rave reviews from both inside and outside the gaming community.

How to Use AirConsole

AirConsole is the easiest gaming software you will ever come across. Not only is it completely free for anyone to use, but it also does not require additional purchases. Our collection of local multiplayer games is very interactive and addictive. To begin your ultimate multiplayer gaming experience with AirConsole, first, you must visit the website where you will be directed to click on a large green start button. Once you click start, your browser will go to full-screen and display a seven-digit numerical code, known as a link code. Your next step is to open the browser on your smartphone and go to the AirConsole website or download the free AirConsole app for Android or iPhone from the app store. Enter the link code on your smartphone to sync to the AirConsole software. Once a user has been detected, player one, your PC browser screen will change to the video game interface. Use your smartphone as the controller and choose the game of your choice to begin playing. Any friends who wish to join and challenge you for supremacy need only enter the same link.

AirConsole is Multiplayer Heaven

AirConsole features a whole list of games that are fully multiplayer capable. In fact, games that allow for only one or two players maximum are firmly in the minority in the games list on AirConsole. The majority of the games accept from two to four or eight players, while a great many go all the way up to twelve, sixteen, thirty-two players or more. This makes for some epic fun, as you and as many friends as you can get together in one room can all partake in some of the craziest competitive games around. AirConsole has the best free online multiplayer games around.

Further AirConsole Features

AirConsole comes with some fun and interesting built-in features. A short list of these is as follows:

          NES Emulator

AirConsole comes with a built-in NES emulator. That means, to enjoy any and all the old NES classics like the original Super Mario Brothers, all you need to do is drag and drop any NES ROM into the AirConsole browser. AirConsole instantly launches the game, and you are on your way to NES glory. There is no need for additional hardware, such as a USB control pad, because AirConsole turns your smartphone into the video game controller to use with the ROM. AirConsole users must ensure they legally own any NES ROMs as AirConsole accepts no responsibility on the possession of the ROM.

AirConsole Occasions

AirConsole is perfect for a variety of group occasions. Whether you are having a quiet gathering with some friends, or a raucous beer night, AirConsole has the games to add fun to your gathering. AirConsole is also perfect for those long, boring office group conferences and meetings. Liven up the wait time by grabbing your office buddies and starting up any one of the many multiplayer games on AirConsole. AirConsole also features a karaoke game that turns your PC into a karaoke machine, so that you can host your own karaoke night. Multiplayer online games bring the fun to the party.

AirConsole Games Options

Currently, there are over thirty games in the AirConsole library, including multiplayer shooting games and multiplayer racing games. Many of the games are innovative remakes of some of our favorite classic arcade games. All of the games feature multiplayer functionality, from merely two to four players, all the way to infinity. AirConsole is constantly updating the games library as well, with a new game debuted every week. AirConsole also invites third-party developers to create games for use on AirConsole, to expand its library. With all the constant addition of content, AirConsole is the number one source for the best multiplayer games.

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