Holiday Time is AirConsole Time🎄

It’s almost Christmas time and while this has been an abnormal year for all of us, our team is still looking forward to the holiday season. 

Even if in smaller circles or via video calls there is still a good opportunity for us to enjoy the time with our loved ones. 

Here are our top 5 tips on how to connect with people these holidays using AirConsole.

  1. For a local gathering, download the new AirConsole app for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV or plugin your computer to your TV for some proper local multiplayer gaming.

  2. Are your family members gamers up for a collaborative challenge? If so, make sure you play our new game Neverfix Station for an experience that will remind you of games like Overcooked and Unrailed.

  3. Celebrating Christmas over a call this year? Use AirConsole Screen Sharing and play the Christmas Edition of My Friends Are __ with your folks.  

  4. Thirsty for speed? Try out the massive update we just released for Snowboard Buddies. It includes a new tournament mode, new characters, highscores and much more.

  5. Looking for an AirConsole classic? Go old-school on TicTacBoom and play with the Santa character. (available this month only)

Merry AirConsole Christmas!

Celebrate with AirConsole