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2 - 8
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Tic Tac Boom is a walk and bomb experience unlike any other you've ever seen. Get ready for action, because Tic Tac Boom’s non-stop challenge will take fast-paced games to the next level. This high-intensity internet multiplayer game provides endless hours of entertainment for casual gamers, walk and bomb fans, and speed junkies alike.

No matter what skill level a player has, Tic Tac Boom is anybody's game with absolutely no predictability. The game is just as frantic as it is strategic since multiple power ups use particular line of sight explosions that require much planning within the tight confines of the levels. If a player gets in the line of sight, they're zapped out.

Every move each player makes in Tic Tac Boom will alter every other player's move until each player is on the run. Move up, down, left, or right. There is still a potential for danger at every turn. This game is not for the faint of heart. Each player has to stay on his or her toes the entire time. One false move and it is game over.

A good bombing strategy is the key to winning Tic Tac Boom. The more players on the board, the more strategic each player has to be. It's a constant back and forth of placing each bomb in the right position while avoiding everyone else's bombs on the board. At any given time a power-up might explode and wipe a player off the board. Who will be left is anybody's guess!

TicTacBoom lets everyone pick retro animated characters that you then control with your smartphone. Coupled with 8-bit electric music in the background, everything feels gloriously Mega-Man. Sharp controls and smooth character animations make the experience feel even more fluid. Playing online computer games with friends or family has never been easier. It takes seconds for everyone to join, and the game is ready to go.

Some power-ups in Tic Tac Boom are unpredictable, explosive, and dangerous. These power-ups include speed boosts, massive bombs, and other beneficial effects that are spread around the maps hidden in blocks. Because the power-ups are unpredictable, each player has to watch their back even more. It's a constant zigzag through the maze to drop the power-ups while dodging the power-ups planted by other players.

With each level, TicTacBoom intensifies and becomes harder to navigate. More power-ups are available which means that it could be good or bad for every player on the board. Which player will be the last man standing? It will be the player that combines strategy with speed and precision.

To win the game, a competitor will have to corner and trap their friends in explosions between hundreds of small blocks. But be careful, you never know which power up your opponent might uncover--it could end in your demise. The closer you get, the more dangerous the pursuit. In order to become the winner of Tic Tac Boom, you have to out-smart, out-think, and out-maneuver everyone else on the board.

Players can use the bombs to either trap players or create a perimeter around themselves for protection from other players. Whether a player is attacking someone else or defending themselves, the strategy is the same. The key is to navigate the blocks and build a wall of power-ups before anyone else does. The smartest and most strategic player in the room will be crowned the winner of TicTacBoom. Walls can be in straight lines or turn at the corners. As the screens expand with each level, the walls become harder to create.

Tic Tac Boom is designed for large groups settings. It's perfect for kickstarting parties, energizing the workplace or hanging out with a few friends. The more people that play, the more exciting the game becomes. Since every smartphone can be used as a game controller, TicTacBoom can be played anywhere where there's a computer readily available. There's no more worrying about having enough controllers, no batteries, no more long drawn out startups. Simply push start, enter the code and let the games begin. It's as simple to use, as it is fun to play.

There's no limit to how long anyone can play. Play Tic Tac Boom for a quick pick-me-up during a lunch break, or get with friends and play the game through the weekend. It's the ideal game for any occasion and any length of time. Players beware: it's highly addictive. Once you start, you just can't stop.

TicTacBoom goes back to the days of the old 80's arcade games with a simple format that makes it easy for anybody to play. But don't be fooled. While it's easy to play, it's still hard to master. Regardless of who wins or loses, everybody will be coming back for more. Tic Tac Boom is easily one of the most enjoyable online games on the web.

If any of your friends are craving a retro classic with a twist, this might be the best multiplayer walk and bomb online game yet. With bright graphics, a straightforward objective, and simple strategies, TicTacBoom is a game that everyone can enjoy. And best of all, Tic Tac Boom is a free online game. Video games don't get any better than this.


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