Complete the rituals 🀄

Join the race to complete several ritual sequences in Tiles of Doom!

Tiles of Doom is a frenetic race to complete ritual sequences. In order to win, players must be the first to complete the master sequence written on the wall five times. To achieve this, you will have to roll an orb over floor tiles marked with different symbols and find the correct ones. The difficulty increases after every completed sequence with tiles flipping over or disappearing entirely.

The game was developed within just 48 hours during the Global Game Jam by the game studio Aniode. This is the second AirConsole game title made by the UK-based studio, the first being Battle Snakes, a revival of the popular 'Snake' game mechanic for up to 15 players.

The game uses accelerometer controllers. Players must tilt their smartphones to control the orbs. Tiles of Doom supports up to 4 players.

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