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AirConsole's gaming library includes 32 player games!

Free online multiplayer gaming has never been easier and more fun for the casual gamer than with AirConsole. No need to purchase $400 worth of hardware. All you need is your smartphone, a computer, an internet connection and you have access to a library of fun free games. Many gamers now purchase games strictly for the multiplayer content, and most game developers must now throw in a multiplayer mode in their game to increase the value and longevity of the overall package. While AirConsole focuses on multiplayer games, single player games are also available for those who want to fly solo.

It’s pretty easy, just go to www.airconsole.com on your computer and smartphone. Enter the code shown on the computer screen into your smartphone. Your smartphone then becomes your control pad which you can now use to navigate and play games. AirConsole is available for iOS and Android operating systems. It is supported by, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. AirConsole's 32 player games can even be enjoyed on a widescreen TV simply by using an HDMI connection or by using a Smart TV.

There are a variety of games currently available, and developers are continuously working to add new and fun games. There are genres for all, from strategy to racing, action, adventure, shooters, sports and more. You can play single player, but the fun starts when you team up with friends to enjoy an exhilarating multiplayer experience. Remember those fun gaming experiences at your friend’s house, where the only downside was waiting eagerly for your turn because the console was limited to only four players? With AirConsole, you can have that same experience without the waiting. Just use your smartphone as a controller and depending on the game, AirConsole can technically support over 3000 players in a single game session. 32 player games are easy to find with AirConsole.

Bring the drinks and your friends. You can enjoy the party with AirConsole’s drinking games. Play Tower of Babel and whoever crashes the tower has to have a drink - but remember to drink responsibly! AirConsole has the greatest drinking games for small or large gatherings. There are party classics like Karaoke and Fill-in-the-Blanks card games. AirConsole caters to the masses.

With AirConsole you can play against a friend or friends (or a huge group with our 32 player games!)in a player versus player environment. You can also play alongside your friends to compete against computer-controlled opponents in the cooperative gameplay environment. In the player versus player environment, you enjoy live competition which is usually more fun than going against computer-controlled opponents. The thrill and challenge of beating your bragging friend’s high score is always more enjoyable than defeating an unemotional computer.

Teaming up with a friend or group of friends and taking on the challenges of computer opponents can also be loads of fun. Working together to develop a strategy that wins can be a very satisfying and a rewarding experience. Rewarding not only in the sense of the game points you've earned but also in strengthening friendships and teamwork. Grab some pizza, some ice-cold drinks, log onto AirConsole and chill with some friends. There are lots of laughs to share and fun to be had in a competitive atmosphere for hours. AirConsole is a great way to bond and spend time together.

Some of the games that support up to 32 players include:

Quiz – A fantastic quiz game that features a Trivia Quiz, Friends Quiz, and User Quiz all in one stylish package. Find out who is the smartest among your colleagues in Trivia or gather your friends for a hilarious round of Friends Quiz.

PolyRacer – PolyRacer is one of AirConsole’s most popular party games. It includes both racing and spaceship shooting. The goal of this clever game is to get your tiny spaceship safely to the green zone.

Karaoke – Sing along with your friends, to the group's favorite songs. Enjoy anything from rock to country.

BYOBuzz - Every player has one light bulb and must switch it on or off according to the game's instructions. Every few seconds, players face a new challenge. The person with the longest attention span and fastest reflexes wins.

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AirConsole is not about having the best graphics or the best narratives. AirConsole is about bringing back the social aspect to the casual gamer and bringing families or friends together at home. It is also a great social medium for campuses and parties. Free 32 player games available online are not very abundant, but AirConsole is here to solve that problem for large groups. AirConsole is a simple yet innovative idea. It challenges your family, friends, and colleagues in an enjoyable gaming experience. With AirConsole, your browser is the console and your smartphone is the gamepad. Best of all there's no installation necessary. Give AirConsole a try today. Invite a friend, what do you have to lose? AirConsole is free fun.

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