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When it comes to video games, you want a system that’s inexpensive, easy to use, and fun to play. Even some of the best gaming consoles out there require software downloads and additional hardware to even get started playing - not to mention the cost associated with upgrades and controllers so your friends can join.

AirConsole has taken the gaming world by storm. With our innovative browser-based system, you can hang out and relax anytime with your friends and play video games for free! There’s nothing to install and you can get started in under a minute. It works by turning your Internet browser into a video game console. Your smartphone is your controller. It couldn't be easier than that.

All of the AirConsole games have multiplayer functionality, including some really incredible 3 player games. You and your friends can kill some time online or get together for a gaming session after work or school. Those of legal drinking age may even want to play some 3 player drinking games on the weekend. Try out some of our best 3 player games listed below!

Cooperative Gaming Modes

3 player games are ideal if you want to strengthen your relationships with your friends, family, or next door neighbors. Cooperative gameplay, or co-op gaming, allows players to share a single screen, whether it’s your desktop computer, laptop, or SmartTV. You can all get together and play against a common enemy. This type of game allows each player to have a specific role in the team and engages everyone. Co-op games are incredibly beneficial because they strongly promote intense collaboration and teamwork.

A Three Player Game Promotes Healthy Competition

Games for three players that involve a competition with others can be highly advantageous. They help you strengthen the bonds you have with your group, find common ground, and allow you to have quality time together. For kids, it can teach them the value of good sportsmanship.

AirConsole likes to encourage a little healthy competition. Working together as a team in a three player game will allow you to connect well with others. Whether we are talking about small families, co-workers, friends, or any other type of group, AirConsole 3 player games are simply perfect for any age group. In fact, you and two friends can try out one of our racing games online now!

AirConsole 3 Player Games

The next time you and your small group get together, keep AirConsole in mind. There are a variety of categories to choose from. Here are just a few of the entertaining games for 3 players that you can play:

Texas Holdem

Like card games? Poker is a guilty pleasure for many people. Texas Holdem is a classic favorite for both avid and casual gamblers alike. But why bother spending and losing large chunks of cash when you can play PadPoker, AirConsole's awesome version of Texas Holdem. Not only is PadPoker a great three player game, the game even supports up to ten players. You know you want to try this one out. No money involved, so no worries!

Castle Hustle

Put on some shining armor and get ready to fight off mythical creatures with your friends. In Castle Hustle, you must work cooperatively with your partners to slay an army of evil and defend your land. Collaboration is the key to surviving here. Are you ready?

Greek for Speed

If you have ever dreamt about carrying the Olympic torch, here's a chance to virtually do so with your buddies. Each of the 3 players controls an action of the athlete in his quest for Olympic victory. Coordinate smoothly and you will get all the glory as a team.

Silly World Series

This is a series of colorful and interactive 3 player mini games. If you are especially competitive, it is the one you should go after first. There are eight different characters that you can choose from, and each has their own characteristics. Hungry Games, Derpy Dancing, and Hide and Sneak are just a few of the games you can play. For the adults, these mini games can actually act as some really fun 3 player drinking games! Embark on a trip to funny land and get silly - you’re not allowed to take things seriously here.


If you prefer a rather formal three player game with just a little more brains, AirConsole features quizzes too. Test your general knowledge in 3 Player games and find out who deserves the title 'the smart one'. This one works like a charm for co-workers or families. You can lay back and rest a bit, while training your most important muscle – your brain.

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No matter how big or small your group is, AirConsole is ready and available to keep you all entertained. What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on all the 3 player games that are waiting for you! Gather up an elite group of awesome people and go play right away. Just head over to our home page - AirConsole.com - and you can start playing our games for 3 players in a snap. It’s totally free and you can get started having fun right away.

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