2 Player Games

Grab a friend and enjoy AirConsole's games for two players!

Remember when you used to go over to your best friend or neighbor’s house after school to play video games? Even ten years ago, consoles were a new and thrilling new way to spend time with those closest to you. Back then two player games were simple but exciting. There were options for racing, shooting, and even classic-style games you could only find in an arcade. There was so much variety in the games for two players that were available, and that continues to be true today.

Technology has come a long way since then. AirConsole wants you to experience 2 player games in a completely new way. While AirConsole does have some single play features like the NES Emulator that allows you to drag and drop ROMs into your browser to play them, it is mostly geared towards multiplayer games. We offer a wide variety of player vs. player and cooperative mode 2 player games for you to enjoy with someone else. AirConsole even has some exciting 2 person drinking games for eligible gamers.

When was the last time you had a good game of friendly competition? Get together with your best friend and have a game night you will never forget. Or, if you need new and creative ideas for a date night, AirConsole has a score of 2 player games for you and your significant other, including drinking games for couples.  It’s a fun first date idea, or you can play if you and your partner just want to stay in tonight. You can team up against an enemy or go head to head and battle against each other. Either way, AirConsole offers a great selection of two player games.

One on one competition pushes us to succeed at higher levels, enhances our cognitive abilities, and hones our instincts. Today, social gaming provides an outlet for folks who are looking to blow off a little steam. Two player drinking games can be a great source of fun at the end of a long week in the office. There are so many benefits to 2 player games that it’s impossible to list them all.

Two Player Mode: Racing Wars

AirConsole’s got a lot of options for two player games. Racing Wars, for example, is a great game for two players with three different playing modes. This means that there’s a few different ways to win! A simple way to play Racing Wars is simply to beat your opponent to the finish line. We call that mode “Fast Cup.” “War Cup” however, is more about destroying your opponent. In this mode, players can collect land mines, speed boosts, or even rocket-propelled grenades to deter your opponent away from the finish line. The trick there is to destroy all other opponents using the various weapons you can pick up on the course. “Super Cup” features a balanced mix of speed boosts and power ups that help the players to get to the finish line first. Racing Wars is a fun, addictive game that you can play with your best friend, neighbor, or sibling that brings a retro arcade experience into the comfort of your home. Go and give it a shot today!

Two Player Mode: Castle Hustle

But it's not all about competition, cooperation is important too. Need a team building exercise for your next office meeting? Look no further than Castle Hustle, where you and another player can defend the king's castle against nefarious creatures who seek to destroy and pillage the king's precious bounty. A game like this requires working together against the game's AI to coordinate defenses against the magical monster's attacks. As the game progresses and the magical monsters become more and more numerous, you and your teammate have to communicate well to coordinate your movements together. When you and your teammate work together to achieve a single goal, you both win.

Two Person Drinking Games

If you are of legal drinking age, AirConsole has some great options for two player drinking games. All of the games on the site can become drinking games for two (or more!) people with just a little bit of creativity. You don’t always need a large group to have a party. Kick the night up a notch as you’re hanging out with your best friend by playing some two player drinking games. Or have a date night in and play some drinking games for couples. Your most memorable nights together don’t need to be over an expensive dinner. Grab a bottle of wine or your drink of choice and play some drinking games for two.

AirConsole’s Two Player Games

AirConsole runs in your browser and allows you to use your smartphone as a controller. This process is simple and only takes a few minutes to get started. Not only that, it’s free to set up and use. You will never need to purchase any additional software, and we love adding new 2 player games for you to play all the time. Here’s what you do when you want to add your second player: once you type in your unique AirConsole code, get your teammate to enter that same code in their smartphone. That’s all you need to use it as a controller! Now you’ve got a console gaming system without the console.

Whether you and your partner are bored and just want to pass the time, or you’re on an all-day gaming marathon, AirConsole makes it fun to play new two player games. As long as you’ve got internet access, you can take your favorite games anywhere. No special equipment required.

AirConsole reintroduces the social side of gaming to video games. Now you can spend time with that other person enjoying an activity you both love. So call up Player 2, fire up your favorite AirConsole game, and go head to head using the best in cutting edge web-based gaming technology.

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