16 Player Games

AirConsole's 16 player games are perfect for your next party!

Playing videos games has been a favorite pastime for adults and children for years. The changes in the gaming industry have been drastic, allowing us to enjoy more varieties of games with larger groups of people. Back in the day, you were tied to a console, which meant you could only play with a limit of up to two to four people. Today’s multiplayer games are no longer confined to consoles, thanks to the emergence of PC and online gaming.

Group games can now consist of lots of people, some as many as 16 players or more. The idea of playing with 16 people sounds like a whole lot of fun, and it is! Playing with a large group of people can make games much more exciting. Just imagine racing, fighting, and climbing with as many as 15 other people! 16 player games take gameplay to a whole new level.

Multiplayer Games at Corporate Parties

One place where you can enjoy multiplayer games is at corporate parties. If you and your co-workers are hanging out at an event, you can bring along your laptop and smartphones and enjoy the 16 player games that are available on AirConsole. AirShields is a great team-building game to try out in the office. Players must work together to build a shield by precisely aiming missiles to eliminate gaps in the shield. Every match is different, and you and your co-workers are sure to get better at working together with every game. The great thing about many of the 16 player games available here is that they are family-friendly, making them acceptable to play just about anywhere. Even your bosses can join in on the fun.

Games at Birthday Parties

If you’re throwing a birthday party for a friend or family member, you can implement games into the mix. This is even a great idea for kids parties, especially since most children seem to own a smartphone already. Most people don’t realize the potential multiplayer video games have when it comes to entertaining children, so don’t underestimate it. There are plenty of great children’s games you can set up for everyone to play.

Group Fun with Friends

Invite your friends over to enjoy AirConsole’s multiplayer games – there are plenty to choose from. And don’t be shy – you can invite a large group of people over and still not have to worry about any of your friends missing out on the fun. Cast a vote to see which multiplayer video games you should put in the lineup for the evening. Check out Cards and Humanity to get everyone laughing and involved in the fun.

Holiday Party Fun

The holidays are a great time to enjoy fun and games with the ones you cherish most in your lives. You can invite over your family, friends, and even co-workers to join in on some video game action. As the crowd gets large, AirConsole’s 16 player games have you covered. Sing karaoke together for some holiday cheer, or you can also get into the holiday spirit with a quiz game that you design specifically for the special occasion.

AirConsole’s 16 Player Games

No one has to be left out of your party – choose games that are specially designed for mass multiplayer action. If you’re searching around for games that suit 16 players, then check out some of the following, which can be found right here at AirConsole:

Start Planning Your Group Game

No matter the reason for your next get-together, AirConsole is your ticket to unique entertainment. Make yourself a great host by providing fun multiplayer games that everyone can enjoy.

The video games we have available are designed for groups of all sizes, from 2 players up to 30+ people. Children, teens, adults, and seniors can all find a favorite. So whether you are hosting an event for business or pleasure, there’s something that will fit the bill. 16 player games are often a challenge to find, but AirConsole always keeps large groups in mind.

All you need is a screen, such as a laptop, and your smartphone. Each smartphone can act as a controller. It’s a great icebreaker and a way to get everyone involved. Liven up your next party with multiplayer games. Give AirConsole a try today to see what games you can introduce at your next party!

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