Pricing Models

Yearly Subscription

Full AirConsole Hero Experience
per month
Yearly for

Monthly Subscription

Full AirConsole Hero Experience
per month
Yearly for 59.99
Simply purchase in-app via Google Play or Apple App Store
Simply purchase in-app:
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AirConsole Hero Benefits

Subscribing to AirConsole Hero will get you and everyone playing with you the following features:
Unlitmited players
No ad breaks
All games unlocked on PC
Unique in-game content
Early game access


How can I get AirConsole Hero?

To get AirConsole Hero follow these steps:
  • Download the AirConsole app (if you haven't already)
  • Open the app and connect to AirConsole
  • In the AirConsole games store, either select a Hero game unlock it or press the menu button on the top and select the "Get AirConsole Hero" button
  • Depending on your smartphone operating system you will then be prompted by either the Android Play Store or AppStore to complete the purchase.

Does everybody in a session need AirConsole Hero?

No, one Hero in a session removes ad-breaks for everyone.

How do I cancel my AirConsole Hero subscription?

How you manage subscriptions depends on your phone's operating system.
Guides on managing subscriptions for iOS
Guides on managing subscriptions for Android.

Does everyone get exclusive content?

Some in-game content may be available only to Hero subscribers on their individual smartphones, other content is unlocked for everyone at once. Entire games that are Hero exclusive are made available for everybody in the session as long as at least one Hero subscriber is connected.

How often do I have to pay for AirConsole Hero?

With the monthly subscription, you pay once per month. The AirConsole Hero subscription is auto-renewing. The monthly subscription is renewed automatically unless you cancel it in your settings 24 hours before the end of your current billing cycle. Guides on managing subscriptions can be found in the iOS Subscription Manager and for Android in the Play store.
To see your local pricing, connect your phone to AirConsole and select the Hero banner in the store.
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