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AirConsole Troubleshooting

Starting AirConsole
Connect Code, System Requirements

How AirConsole works

AirConsole is a video gaming console that runs in your Desktop Browser and uses your smartphones as game controllers. Your big screen (Desktop Browser or AndroidTV) functions as the console and your smartphone is transformed into a gamepad. Once you're connected AirConsole allows you to enjoy a huge selection of games controlled with your smartphone, which automatically adapts to fit the control scheme of each game. No additional gamepad needed!

To play games on AirConsole:

  1. Open airconsole.com in your browser and press the START button. This will start AirConsole. A connect code for your smartphones will be displayed on the big screen.
  2. On your smartphones also open airconsole.com in your browser (such as Chrome or Safari) or download the AirConsole App for Android or iOS. Enter the displayed connect code.
  3. After connecting, the AirConsole Store will be displayed and you can now choose from many different games to play.

Connect code

To get a connect code, visit www.airconsole.com with the browser on your computer (not your smartphone) and press the start button. A connect code for your smartphone will be shown to you. Enter this connect code in the AirConsole app on your smartphone to connect it to your computer. You can connect multiple smartphones to the same AirConsole session by using the same code multiple times.

System Requirements

You can run AirConsole on your computer, Tablet or on AndroidTVs. Supported browsers are Chrome (recommended), Safari and Firefox.

You can use Android & iOS phones as gamepads. Either by downloading the corresponding AirConsole App (recommended) or by using the Chrome or Safari browser. Windows Phones don’t have a dedicated AirConsole App, but you can use the browser of your Windows Phone as a gamepad.

If you wish to run AirConsole on your ChromeCast / TV / Tablet see Chromecast, SmartTVs, AndroidTV.

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Connection issues
Slow Connections, Disconnects

Slow connections

Please make sure all players are connected to the same Wifi as your computer (or AndroidTV).

You don't have to be connected to the same WiFi to play together. Hybrid connections also work. Meaning that half of the party can be connected to mobile data and the rest on the local WiFi. However, we recommend you to all connect to the same Wifi.

If you use the AirConsole app on your smartphone, make sure it’s updated to the latest version. If you don’t use the AirConsole apps, we recommend you use Chrome on your smartphone.


Please make sure all players are connected to the same Wifi as your computer (or AndroidTV).

You don't have to be connected to the same WiFi to play together. Hybrid connections also work. Meaning that half of the party can be connected to mobile data and the rest on the local WiFi. However, we recommend you to all connect to the same Wifi.

If you use the AirConsole app on your smartphone, make sure it’s updated to the latest version. If you don’t use the AirConsole apps, we recommend you use Chrome on your smartphone.

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Account & AirConsole Hero
Buy and cancel AirConsole Hero, change profile

Try AirConsole Hero

You can try AirConsole Hero for free for 30 days. To try AirConsole Hero take the same steps as in "Buy AirConsole Hero".

You won’t be charged until the trial period has ended. You can cancel at anytime.

More info about AirConsole Hero on airconsole.com/hero.

Buy AirConsole Hero

AirConsole Hero is a monthly subscription that provides the best possible AirConsole experience - including exclusive games, content and no breaks.

To get AirConsole Hero follow these steps:

  1. Download the AirConsole app (if you haven’t already)
  2. Open the app and connect to AirConsole
  3. In the AirConsole games store, either select the Hero banner or press the menu button on the top and select the "Get AirConsole Hero" button
  4. Depending on your smartphone operating system you will then be prompted by either the Android Play Store or AppStore to complete the purchase.
For more information about AirConsole Hero visit airconsole.com/hero

Cancel AirConsole Hero

How you manage subscriptions depends on your phone's operating system. Please read the corresponding guide:

AirConsole Hero Purchasing issues

To find out if you have AirConsole Hero connect your smartphone to AirConsole and then you can either:

On the Screen

After connnecting you should see on the screen on the top left that the AirConsole logo has changed to AirConsole Hero: In addition your player’s profile image on the top should have a blue circle.

On the Controller

Open the controller menu by tapping on the button. In the controller menu it should say “You are an AirConsole Hero” (instead of “Get AirConsole Hero”)

Please also check your subscriptions on your phone. Guides on managing subscriptions can be found in the iOS Subscription Manager and for Android in the Play store.

If your subscription is listed in your subscription manager and you still don’t have AirConsole Hero, please try to delete and reinstall the app.

If this did not fix the issue please contact us using the report form.

More info about AirConsole Hero on airconsole.com/hero.

Change profile

To change your profile you have to be connected to AirConsole. You can then on your smartphone open the AirConsole menu and tap on the button "Edit Profile". Or if you are in the AirConsole Store you can tap on your profile picture.

Game specific issue
Loading issues, gets stuck, crashes

Change a game

To go back to the store and change to another game you can use the AirConsole menu on your smartphone. To open the menu tap the logo on top.
The menu will pop up and you can now select "Change Game".

The game crashes

Please use our report form and tell us which game and how we can reproduce the crash.

The game does not load

Some games are a bit bigger and consequently take more time to download.

If after some time the game still hasn’t loaded, please reload AirConsole and try it again. Also make sure your computer/laptop is powerful enough and that you are using one of the supported browsers - such as: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Should you encounter issues with your current browser, we recommend updating the browser to the latest version and try it again.

If that still doesn’t work, please use our report form and tell us about the issue.

The game lags

Please try to restart your computer browser and computer. It’s also recommended to switch off any extension and added-ons as it might slow down the performance of the browser.

In addition make sure you are not running unnecessary programs or tasks in the background.

Request a feature

Constructive ideas or exaggerated compliments are always welcomed by the developers.

Please use the report form for flattering and ideas.

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AirConsole Apps
iOS app, Android App, other apps

About the AirConsole app

AirConsole provides different apps for a better gaming experience. Either use the links below or search for ‘airconsole’ in the corresponding app store to install the app.

As controller:

As screen

  • AndroidTV
  • Comming soon: MacOS and Windows App

The AirConsole app crashes

Please make sure you have the latest version of the AirConsole app installed. If you experience the crash after having restarted the app, please use the report form to help us to fix this issue and let us know how we may reproduce it.

Chromecast, Tablet, SmartTVs, AndroidTV
Running AirConsole on other platforms


If your SmartTV supports AndroidTV then you can also run AirConsole with the AirConsole AndroidTV app.

To install the AirConsole app on your TV open the search dashboard in AndroidTV and enter "airconsole".

Limited selection of games

Since AndroidTVs are not powerful enough to run some of the AirConsole games we only show you the games which are playable.


In general it is possible to play AirConsole in a browser on a SmartTV. However, since SmartTVs are not very powerful, especially their browsers, we recommend you to download the AirConsole AndroidTV app - if your SmartTV supports AndroidTV. Or simply connect a laptop / PC via HDMI to your SmartTV.


In general it is possible to play AirConsole on a tablet's browser. However, since tablets are not very powerful devices, we have excluded some games in the AirConsole store, which don't run on tablets.


If you cast your screen on a Chromecast, the game will have a delay of about 0.2 seconds. We recommend you only play games from the category 'Chromecast friendly'


  1. Click on the Chrome menu symbol next to the address bar on the top right.
  2. Select cast in the menu, then choose your device and enjoy!

Screen Sharing & playing online
Playing online with friends in another location

How to start

  1. Start an AirConsole session on your computer and connect a your phones.
  2. Tell your friends in a remote location to go to www.airconsole.com/join with their computer.
  3. Your friends need to enter the same connect code you used for your phones on their computer to start screen sharing.
  4. On your computer screen you will see that your friend wants to join. Allow this, share your camera and screen.
  5. Now you will be able to play a selection of 20+ games that support screen sharing together with your friends in a video chat.

This feature is in beta. It only works on computers. We suggest to use Google Chrome. TVs and other devices are not supported.

Camera & Microphone access

You need to allow camera and microphone access when you start screensharing. If you don't have a camera attached to your computer you will join the session only with your microphone.

In case camera or microphone access fails, make sure you have not disabled camera or microphone access on airconsole.com.

If you accidentally have disabled camera access, please click on the camera icon in the address bar of your browser and re-enable it.

Supported Games & Devices

Screen Sharing only works on computers. We recommend you to use Google Chrome as your browser.

Not all games support screen sharing. Once screen sharing is started, you will only see games that support it.

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