Would you like to find out your friends' secrets?

Play FriendsQuiz on AirConsole and let the game ask all the questions you always wanted to ask!

Our fantastic quiz game features a Trivia Quiz, FriendsQuiz and User Quiz all in one stylish package. Find out who is the smartest among your colleagues in Trivia or gather your trusted friends for a hilarious round of Friends Quiz - in NSFW-mode, if you dare. Dig out the quiz maker inside you, and create your very own in User Quiz for you and your friends to play on AirConsole. 

The FriendsQuiz works as follows: The screen shows a personal question about one of the players. The chosen player - let’s call him Jim - then subjectively answers the question by choosing one of 2-4 predefined answers. All the other players answer the question trying to guess what Jim thinks. As soon as everyone has entered their guess, points are given to the players that chose the same answer as Jim.

Whether you play FriendsQuiz with your coworkers or with your long-time BFFs - we're sure the right answers will hold one or the other surprise for you. 

Warning: We recommend playing the NSFW-mode of FriendsQuiz with trusted friends and not with parents or children! Choose the right people and you will have tons of fun!

Over 30 new questions have recently been added, and we will be working on more content in the weeks to come - if you have suggestions, send us a message!

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