What happens when soccer meets tanks?

You get some bad-ass Tankball!

You may have heard of the popular game Rocket League, which is a bit like football/soccer, but with cars. Well, Tankball is a bit like Rocket League, but with tanks. You know, for extra badassery. The team based game can be played by up to 16 people at a time, which was asked by the community multiple times. And remember, no tangled controllers as all you need is your smartphone.

Tankball which was developed by Kobe Team, features Team Red vs. Team Blue competing in an oval arena. Team selection is particular unique on this game: You will have to drive to the designed zone to select your team. Then the objective is to score goals and shoot the other team players - simple as that!

Time to play some Tankball - Gather a group of friends, head over to www.airconsole.com and play now!

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