Top 5 Party Games for Bros on AirConsole

Gather your bros or your ladybros and get together for some good laughing, cheering and yelling.

A while ago, Technabob called AirConsole a “Bronsole”. Our team had a good laugh at the word, but it’s an accurate description in a way. Your bros, your ladybros, your homies or whatever you like to call the people you chill with - they’re probably the ones you want to play AirConsole with. Whether you decide to compete or cooperate, build a tower or launch a rocket or just make dirty jokes, these are the games we recommend if you feel like spending a bit of time yelling, fighting and cheering with your best buddies. 

Tower of Babel (1 to 8 players)

In Tower of Babel, you’ll find satisfaction in placing block on block in the honest pursuit of building the perfect skyscraper. One player drops a block, and then the next player has to drop another block on top of it and so on. If you time it right, you’ll align block to block perfectly. The only bad news is that this perfection can’t be guaranteed when a co-player is involved. Tower of Babel presents a new interesting mechanic to spice up the block building game--you guessed it, your co-player. Guide your co-player, or have them guide you so that you don’t crash your tower before it’s too late. Real bro punish the guy that breaks the tower.

Rakete (2 to 5 players)

Rakete is the ultimate co-op game since it requires two to five bros to work in sync correctly. Each player controls one of the five thrusters of the space ship. The tricky part is working together to navigate the ship gently to a small landing spot. If you’re not careful, you and your co-pilot might overshoot and crash the ship into the obstacles or the endless reaches of space. Rakete has tight controls, multiple levels, and a sense of progression that found only through tight teamwork mechanics.

PolyRacer (There is no limit of players)

Part snake and part asteroids--PolyRacer is a deliciously simple game that pits you and your friends against each other in a confined space shooting gallery. The goal is to navigate your ship to the safe zone and try to shoot down your friends. The catch is that every time you shoot, you loose speed. Not only that, but obstacles throughout the level can hurt your speed as well. PolyRacer is a fluid but frantic game made even more fun with the more people you have at your party. 

Tic Tac Boom (2 to 6 players)

Remember Bomberman? Well now, you don’t have to! Tic Tac Boom is a fresh new revamp of the age-old classic. Inside the game, you can re-experience “retro gaming” by controlling new personality-infused pixelated characters throughout destructible mazes. Find and use several unique powerups, launch bombs, and destroy your friends in a game that is as strategic as it is fast-paced.

Cards Against Humanity (There is no limit of players)

Who knew that a game so dirty could be so fun? Cards Against Humanity is on AirConsole--but this time, it’s narrated by an artificial intelligence (Norton) that makes your witty sense of humor that much funnier. Experience the hit card game in a new modern restyling that makes playing the game extremely easy with smartphones. Each player has a list of cards on their phone, a sentence on the screen--and the judge decides it all. You don’t have to worry about forgetting the cards at home anymore!

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