Top 5 family friendly party games on AirConsole

Time to grab your family and play some AirConsole!

Playing games with the family can provide endless hours of entertainment. The hardest part sometimes is to pick the right game. With AirConsole, a whole family can duke it out in a running game then finish the night off by jumping and singing Gangnam Style. The best thing about AirConsole games is that they are perfect for every audience and every skill set. We’ve handpicked some of AirConsole’s best party games for the family so that your next rainy day or family get together won’t be easily forgotten.


1. Silly World Series

Silly World Series is one of our in-house games that contains five mini games where you and your friends can play against each other. More games are currently in production and will be added to the collection in the coming weeks. Silly World Series offer a variety of challenges: Be the first to eat the apple, but avoid eating the bombs in The Hunger Games or be sneaky behind Agnes the turtle in Hide and Sneak. If you swipe in the wrong direction you will fall down the waterfall in Cliff Hanger while in Derpy Dancing it’s all about your short-term memory and dance skills. And make sure to not crash into the obstacles and avoid the bombs in Silly Run Valley, or your run might quickly be over. Our latest mini games Bulldodge, is all about crossing a busy savannah without hitting a bull or falling in the water. Who can make it the farthest? 


2. The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is inspired by angry birds and worms,  You can play with up to 8 of your friends where each team consists of 4 players. Because of the game’s turn based nature, you can also play with uneven numbers and the game remains balanced, so if you have a deep urge to play 1 against 4 or any other combination, you can!

Each character in your house controls one whacky weapon, which you and your team fire in turns. The missiles include things like a bouncy cow, an explosive bird, and good old fashioned bombs. During the game, you can activate several power-ups that either help your team or annoy your opponents.


3. Tower of Babel

How many towers have you already crashed on Tower of Babel? I've lost the count a long time ago. The extremely addicting game made by our friends from DNA-Studios is the perfect example of a great family party game. The game is simple. When you start a tower, there is only one button to drop your block. In the competitive mode, it gets tricky when somebody place a block perfectly on top of the previous one. When this happens, this player receives a power up which means bad news for the others. In cooperative mode, the goal is simply to build as high as possible and become the new world champions of Tower Of Babel.


4. Karaoke

Karaoke is a modern twist on the singing game classic. Instead of heading out and buying an expensive machine with a microphone, you can use your phone and the power of YouTube! Our unique Karaoke app not only provides you with almost any song you could want to sing to, but you also can watch the video accompaniment! The application features easily to read lyrics and a user-friendly interface that makes karaoke fun again! You can also record your performance and receive it via email so that these memories won’t be so easily forgotten.


5. Brick Wars

Brick Wars brings brick breaking classic to a family party. Instead of simple pong, Brick Wars pits up to four players against each other in a brick breaking war! Each player must reflect the ball into bricks to score points and progress throughout the level. Whoever breaks all the breaks first wins!


Have a nice family evening with AirConsole!

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