This pong is better than beer pong!

Multiplayer Pong Madness on Cyber!

How good are your reflexes?

This week we are excited to introduce to you the newest game on AirConsole: CYBER. A multi-player game for up to four players with roots in the good old Pong game.

The concept is simple: Don’t let the balls hit your wall!  Sounds fairly easy, but in this version, it is a bit more complicated than that. With several different power-ups throughout the game, the ball can dramatically multiply, change direction or speed up. You never know where or when the next ball will hit you!

The game features some nostalgic retro gaming graphics which resembles older tube TVs. Cyber was developed in Denmark by our friends from Archon Interactive. The gamedev Lucas Adelholm said that Cyber started a while back during a gamejam, which they won. The cool artstyle was the result of our experimentation with post-processing effects.

Ready for some pong madness? Gather your friends, sharpen your reflexes and head over to AirConsole to play Cyber!

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