The Neighborhood - on Android TV!

Your favorite game is available on Android TV. Battle your friends and family in this turnbased game.

AirConsole's The Neighborhood is available on your Android TV. Throw a catacow or shoot a destructive babzooka at your friends in front of your huge Android TV directly in your living room. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Where you before used your computer browser you now use a TV screen to navigate and play the game. With great resolution and features, you will get a whole new experience of this colorful game from DNA Studios. You can play with up to 8 of your friends where each team consists of 4 players. 

Each character in your house controls one whacky weapon, which you and your team fire in turns. The missiles include things like a bouncy cow, an explosive bird and good old fashioned bombs. During the game you can activate several power-ups that either help your team or annoy your opponents.

Get some protection with a moving trampoline that protects your tower or send a hail of bombs down on the entire playing field, crossing your fingers that your enemies’ house will take more damage than your own. The game goes on until all the characters of one tower are “dead”.

The Neighborhood is a perfect team-based game for your next party or for your lunch break at the office. With its easily understandable game mechanics, fun soundtracks, and a variety of different house layouts to destroy, The Neighborhood will keep you well entertained for many a Friday evening.

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