Smartphone as Game Controller

Use Your Smartphone as a Game Controller with AirConsole

AirConsole is the latest and best in online multiplayer video gaming. AirConsole is a totally free software that transforms your PC into a video game console and turns your smartphone into a video game controller. Once you enter the link code, you will have access to a wide variety of multiplayer games, good for hours of hilarious gaming fun with your friends. AirConsole is constantly updating game content as well, so users will not get bored with what AirConsole offers anytime soon. If you have a great game idea of your own, game developers are also welcome to develop games for AirConsole.

Who is AirConsole?

The AirConsole gaming platform is a product of N-Dream AG. N-Dream AG is a Switzerland based company, focused on becoming the number one platform for party games. Founded by Andrin von Rechenberg, he and his team at N-Dream AG have hit upon a perfect winning formula with the AirConsole platform. AirConsole has been steadily growing in popularity and garnering rave reviews by everyone who tries out the software. Gaming fans have thoroughly enjoyed just how easy it is to turn your phone into a game controller with AirConsole.

How Do You Use AirConsole?

AirConsole is easy to use. All anyone has to do is have a smartphone and a PC. First, on your PC, go to the AirConsole homepage where you will be prompted to push a large green start button. Once you press the start button, your browser screen will go into full-screen mode and will display a numerical code. This numeric code is the key to turn your smartphone into your game controller. Take the link code and enter it on your smartphone in one of two ways: either via the AirConsole Android or iPhone app, or simply through your smartphone’s browser. This transforms your PC into the AirConsole video game console and turns your phone into the game controller. Once the link has been established and one smartphone, player one, has been detected, you will be able to easily browse the wide variety of games available and pick the game of your choice. After you choose the game, other users can then join by similarly entering the same link code on their own smartphones. AirConsole games all come with multiplayer functionality, and most games support from two to four or eight players easily. A few games even support over thirty players – perfect for large crowds! AirConsole is a simple, easy and free way to enjoy hours of fun with friends, family, and co-workers.

AirConsole Turns Your Smartphone Into a Game Controller

One of the most impressive features of the AirConsole software is that it turns your smartphone into the game controller, without the need for any additional downloads, additional software or additional hardware. Using your smartphone as a controller is easy for even the most casual gamers. The interface is kept simple, and users will get the hang of it quickly. Your smartphone also functions as a controller when using the AirConsole built-in NES emulator which means you will not need a USB control pad to play.

Other AirConsole Features

The clever transformation of your smartphone into a video game controller is not the only feature or magic trick AirConsole can show you. In fact, AirConsole is fully loaded with nifty and fun features which make your experience an excellent one, every time you log on to AirConsole. Some of the AirConsole software features are as follows:

        NES Emulator

AirConsole software comes with a built-in NES emulator. All you have to do is drag and drop NES ROM files straight into your browser that AirConsole has transformed into a console and begin playing NES classics. There is no need to download any additional software, and since AirConsole turns your smartphone into the controller for the video games, no additional hardware is needed. The legality of how you obtain the NES ROMS is a matter entirely for the user to have sorted out.

          Zero Cost

AirConsole software is one hundred percent free software. The only thing users have to do to enjoy all the AirConsole is visit the AirConsole website, hit start and enter the link code.

          Multiplayer Support

AirConsole features a large base of multiplayer games. The majority of the games on the site support from two to eight players, while some support as many as twelve, sixteen and even thirty or more. Since you use your smartphone as the game controller, everyone already owns the necessary equipment to play!

AirConsole for Any Occasion

With so many multiplayer games available, AirConsole is the perfect platform to play party games. All the games are competitive and fun so that no one will be bored. It is so easy to turn your phone into the game controller so that no one has to miss out on the fun.

AirConsole Game Library

AirConsole features an ever growing library of fun multiplayer games. AirConsole consistently adds new games and also hosts developer competitions to bring even more variety to the platform. With this constantly growing content, you will never be bored while playing with AirConsole.

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