Silly World Series just got a massive update!

We got some news in store for you: We just introduced the biggest update yet with freeplay mode, high scores and four new skins to dress our silly friends in!

Yes, you heard right - the new update package from our in-house Game Developers is stuffed with goodies for you. Did you always think nobody could be faster than you in Cliff Hanger? Well, now you can finally find out how wrong you are! In the new update, you will see your score and rank compared to the rest of the world, to your country and your city. So if you're quiet neighbor Gandalf in the apartment beneath you is actually kick-ass in Silly Run Valley, you’ll find that out very soon. Maybe next Friday you should invite him over for a friendly competition and a beer?

While that’s great and all, we also introduce the long anticipated Freeplay Mode. This gives you the unique opportunity to choose what minigame to play next. Finally you can hone your skills in the one game where they’re lacking, or play your favorites over and over again. So next time you meet your friends for a Silly World Series tournament you’ll be well prepared to be victorious.

In addition, with this massive update, we present some new fancy skins for all favorite characters. Our silly little friends now got four more cool color variations  that you can choose from before you send them out into the battlefield. Play as a wide-mouthed whale shark, a yellow-eyed zebra fish, a leafy green lynx or a stracciatella dappled horse - or finally be the first one to grab the rainbow unicorn while your friends are distracted by the new options.

And last, but not least some of our characters dressed up for Halloween! During the next couple of weeks, you have a unique chance to look extra spooky with our awesome Halloween Special skins.

If you are not already playing, we suggest you get your friends, family or coworkers together and become the ultimate world champion in Silly World Series.

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