Gather your troops and sharpen your sword!

Robots, space and swords. What more could you want?

Do you have a special place in your heart science fiction? Would swords be your weapon of choice in a great battle? Well, then we present the perfect game for you: Space Bot Knights. This incredibly well executed multiplayer game is based on you trying to slaughter all your friends with a sword - in space. The objective of this galactic mayhem is clear: Slash the other players out of the picture, first player to reach five kills win!

Space Bot Knights is a pure pleasure for the eyes and tons of fun to play. The visuals of the game are smooth and enchanting, the sound effects brutally satisfying.

We liked the game from the start - but the moment when all our collective jaws really dropped was when we learned more about its developer: Juan Callejas, who created Space Bot Knights largely by himself, is just 16 years old! Juan is originally Colombian, but lives in Canada and has been dabbling in Game Development for three years before starting his work on Space Bot Knights.  

We were curious and asked Juan how the project of SpaceBot Knights started:

“This project started after I finished grade 11, during my summer break when I was looking for a new project. Since I first came up with it, the concept of the game has changed a lot. Originally, players would spawn on platforms and would not have any thrust, but would instead indicate a direction to jump and would hopefully land on platforms, with a chance to attack enemies mid-air. After a lot of polishing, the current form of SpaceBot Knights came to be.”

Juan got one of our emails where we called for projects and since he was already playing AirConsole with this friends for a while, he decided he wanted to develop a local multiplayer game himself. The idea of people from all over the world enjoying his game as much as he enjoys the games on AirConsole was the biggest motivation for young Juan.

What are you waiting for? Gather your friends and play SpaceBot Knights NOW!

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