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Explosives, cars and high speeds - Racing Wars got it all! Eliminate your opponents and win the game.

Fast paced racing, cars, and explosives, what more could you ask for? Our intense 8 player local multiplayer car-racing game Racing Wars brings you through several different tracks and challenging game modes.

In this kick-ass party game, you will have the options to race for the win in Fast Cup, war it out with your opponents in War Cup or do a wee bit of both in Super Cup. On top of that, the different game modes introduce you to the different tracks Downtown, Water Hill, Death Mountain, and Farm Jump - where you cruise through various beautiful landscapes.

The gameplay is simple: Complete the laps, get the other players out of the game and be Nr 1. If you fall behind, fly off an edge or you get blown up by your opponents - you are out, for that round! The game continues until someone finish the three complete laps with the most points or until someone wins by reaching 10 points. Each one starts with five points: If you finish 1st one round you gain two points, 2nd place gets one point and from there, well, you only lose points if you fall out of the game first. When someone gets their point bar full with 10 points, they win the whole game!

Everyone on our team is a massive fan of the colorful action-filled gameplay, the inspiring graphics and engaging sound effects. It never gets boring during a round of Racing Wars - even if you are out, you still end up following the exciting gameplay cheering for your friends. This is a game you can either play with your kids and significant other or at your next party with your friends. The controllers are easy to handle and gameplay is impressive.

So, why are you still here? Run to the shop, grab some beers, call your friends, set up your biggest screen, charge your smartphone - it’s time to play Racing Wars.

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