Play your own football cup with Golazo on AirConsole

No console - No problem!

Playing with your phones on your TV or PC is what AirConsole is about!

AirConsole offers more than 160 games to play on a big screen and GOLAZO is already a favorite amongst football fans.

That's probably because Golazo is football at its most fun! 

Plus, to join in on all the hype of Euro 2020, AirConsole created its own Turntable for Golazo :

Playing games on AirConsole is as easy as 123:

  1. Open in your browser and press the START button. This will start AirConsole. A connect code for your smartphones will be displayed on the big screen.

  2. On your smartphones also open in your browser (such as Chrome or Safari) or download the AirConsole App for Android or iOS. Enter the displayed connect code.

  3. After connecting, the AirConsole Store will be displayed and you can now choose from many different games to play.


Golazo arcade soccer

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