New minigame Silly World Series: Bulldodge!

Let us welcome the newest minigame in Silly World Series: Bulldodge!

Been wondering what the developers behind Silly World Series have been doing this summer? Well, it’s no secret anymore - We introduce to you: Bulldodge. The silly gang is getting a new challenge and the objective is simple - in theory, at least: Get as far as possible.

Unfortunately, the savannah south of Skeltara Desert is overrun by angry buffalo that won’t stop for anything or anyone. Our silly friends need to get pass, but without your precious help that will be difficult. And as if the wild buffalo aren’t enough - in between, some deep dangerous rivers with rapidly passing logs appear. Will that will stop the journey of our little friends? Can you help our friends to get as far as possible?

As the gameplay moves on and the further you get, the speed of all obstacles increases and you’ll need to be quick. One bad decision, and you might travel far in the horns of an angry buffalo or disappear in the wild rivers of the Savannah.

Bulldodge is now the sixth minigame in our game collection Silly World Series - together with Silly Run Valley, Hide and Sneak, Derpy Dancing, The Hunger Games and Cliff Hanger. The fast paced action, colorful visuals and cute characters make Silly World Series a solid game choice for any party and for players of all ages.

More minigames will follow in the near future, but for our next update, we have something else: You will soon be able to choose separate minigames, if you don’t feel like playing through the entire World Series. Stay tuned for more!
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