Flip or DIE 🔥

Do the wildest tricks and be the fastest to win the game - but make sure not to flip over!

AirConsole proudly introduces MotoFlip! A motorcycle stunt and racing game that can be highly addictive and contains a fair portion of challenges. Maneuver your bike safely to the finish line and perform the wildest tricks to win the game.

The objective of this graphically satisfying game is to have complete control over the bike, perform the tricks to gain boost fuel and be the first to pass the finish line in the end. Can you land a double backflip? Or a triple frontflip?

In this intense and enjoyable motorbike game you can play with up to four friends and don’t worry, you can also play alone. MotoFlip consists of three different tracks: Daytime, Nighttime, and Toxic, all with their very own distinctive looks and features. Within these levels you can either play a tournament, a quick game or join the online challenge. The Online Challenge is based on you competing against other players’ highscores in a set of different levels that all got different objectives and features.

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