How to throw an epic AirConsole party 🎉️

We give you 5 awesome AirConsole games that will change your parties forever...

Local multiplayer and party games have been disappearing from mainstream consoles for a while – partly due to the high acquisition cost of additional controllers, but also because most console manufacturers prefer to sell a console and a copy of a game to every player instead of letting them share. 

AirConsole brings party games back by solving each one of these issues. The console is in the cloud, each game is accessible, and everything is free. So what are you waiting for? Jump into these AirConsole party game ideas to liven up your next get-together.

1. Tower of Babel 

Tower of Babel is the perfect game for a group of people at a party. It’s a simple game that requires multiple players to work together to build a tower block by block. The tricky part is that lining blocks up perfectly is not exactly easier with more people in the mix. Since players have to wait a moment for their turn, you even have time for snacks in between!

2. Cards and Humanity

Based on the world famous party card game Cards against Humanity, we take you and your friends on a hilarious journey through horrible statements and questions. Forget the hassle with remembering the cards - now you can bring the game with you everywhere. We are sure this game will be a massive hit at your next party. Once you start, it is impossible to stop (laughing). Make it into a drinking game or play it on a rainy afternoon with your best friends. 

3. PolyRacer

PolyRacer is just as much racing as it is a spaceship shooting game. With the possibility of playing with up to 32 people, the game is perfect for large crowds surrounding a big screen. The more people you have at your party, the more fun this game will be! The best part is that controllers don’t get tangled or fought over since everyone has their own phone! In PolyRacer, Players control tiny ships that shoot missiles. Navigate a wide open level with various speed-loss traps and obstacles while evading other players' shots.

4. Trivia and Friends Quiz

Now you can play both normal trivia Quiz and Friends Quiz on AirConsole. Trivia give you and your friends a chance to test your general knowledge. FriendsQuiz on the other hand, works as follows:The screen shows a personal question about one of the players.The chosen player - Jim - then subjectively answers the question by choosing one of 2-4 predefined answers.All the other players answer the question trying to guess what Jim thinks. Points are then given to the players that chose the same answer as Jim. By the way: Have you already tried the NSFW-mode of FriendsQuiz? It's not for kids and we don't recommend playing it with your parents, but you'll have a blast with your trusted friends.

5. Finish it off With Tiles of Doom

Tiles of Doom is a puzzle-like game on Air Console that tests your ability to recognize patterns. By utilizing your phone’s gyroscope, you navigate a ball in a tiled arena to find a particular symbol. Each time you find the right symbol, it becomes harder for your opponents to compete with you since lava underlies the floor tiles. You'll find that twisting your phone around to navigate a ball can be a lot harder than one would thin

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