Grab your friends, it's party time!

Unleash the full potential of AirConsole by playing together with your best friends.

Why AirConsole?

We all love playing games. Let’s do it together! 

We grew up playing local multiplayer games with our siblings and friends sitting next to us. We laughed together, sometimes we fought together and many times we competed against each other. There was no emoji to send after a win or loss, also no disconnecting or text messages being sent. There were only happy or angry faces right next to us. We grew up with this blast of emotions, and this is how we connected with our best friends.

Local is the new social. 

With AirConsole, we try to bring back those couch feelings by creating a gaming platform that uses everything most people already have: A computer (or Smart TV) and smartphones. Wrapped in a super easy setup, you will be able to start a local game session in seconds. No need to download anything. No need to be on the same network. Just open your browser on all devices and go to You can play anywhere! There are currently over 25 free local multiplayer and party games available from classics such as Cards Against Humanity, Karaoke and Quiz to new and exclusive titles like Tower of Babel and Silly World Series. We even have a YouTube App with which you can create collaborative playlists. Get your friends ready because this party is about to start!

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