It's getting hot 🔥

Color the lines and get the perfect swipe. Hotline takes you back in time to your coloring days.

Did you love coloring when you were a kid? Were you obsessed about staying inside the lines? Are you competitive? Then we can safely say that Hotline is a game for you. Colorize the circles and lines to get the upper hand of the map - the team with the most lines and circles in their color wins the game. Sounds easy - but it is trickier than you might think.

The gameplay is relatively simple, but we recommend reading the tutorial before starting. All players control a little dot and you start off with spinning around in a circle. To exit the circle and color the line you’ll need to swipe in the direction of the line. Once you are out of the circle you follow the line until you reach the next circle, coloring it for your team. But you’ll need to be quick, the circle won’t stay yours for a long time. When both circles have your color, the line between belongs to your team. The key to speed lies in a perfect swipe when exiting the circles and some solid team cooperation.

Hotline is perfectly set up for 1-8 players with the option of adding AI players to spice up the gameplay. If you feel like playing alone, you can, and if you and your team want to play entirely against AI - you can do that too. The choice is yours!

This minimalistically beautiful game was developed by a student at ZHDK in Zürich, Switzerland, and won the 2nd place in our Student Game Contest that ended in December 2016. The main contest is still ongoing and will end on the 26th of February.

What are you waiting for? Hop on over to and start coloring some lines.

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