Gaming with Friends

Gaming with your friends is easy with AirConsole.

Play games with your friends without buying expensive consoles and games – simply use your smartphone!

Playing video games is a universal form of entertainment for people playing alone, playing games with friends, and playing with virtual friends. Video game technology has evolved through the years, starting in 1950 when they were played as academic experiments, moving forward to arcade games and then in-home systems. Video game controllers have also evolved and have become much more sophisticated. As technology improves, people want more and more and consistently demand a truly interactive and immersive experience.

The Growth of Smartphones

Enter the smartphone. Just a few short years ago, people would never have imagined the possibilities of what your cell phone could actually do. Not only can you use it to make calls, connect with friends and browse the internet, people can now use a smartphone to monitor their health, pay for purchases, play video games and so much more. With the advancement of both the smartphone and video games, it only makes sense that the two would inevitably mesh.

Do Smartphones Actually Keep You Connected?

Critics of the smartphone say that instead of connecting people, it is actually isolating people. They believe we think we are connecting with people through the use of text messaging and social media, but that these are superficial connections and not real connections. But, in reality, studies have found that smartphones make people feel happier, more productive and completely connected. This is true of all age groups studied – from teens to baby boomers. Not only can you meet new people using a smartphone, it can entertain you when you are alone. Smartphones are truly a device that people don’t want to be without.

Do Video Games Connect People?

One study has showed that 65% of teens play video games with others rather than by themselves. When there is more than one player, it creates a social atmosphere. In fact, yet another recent study found that video games fostered better peer relationships and good social skills! Video games can be collaborative and those who play frequently are found to be more socially cohesive with peers.

Do Even More with Your Smartphone

As if you didn’t think your smartphone could do it all, AirConsole came up with just one more way that is going to revolutionize the video game world, as well as liven up your events, parties, and even your work meetings (you didn’t think it could happen, did you?). AirConsole lets you use your smartphone in an innovative way and lets you connect and play games with friends – by actually playing games with your friends!

With AirConsole, your smartphone is the gamepad and your browser is the console. You find the screen – whether it is your smart television or laptop – and use your smartphone to control and play the games with friends. Since almost everyone you know from your 10-year-old son to your 75-year-old grandmother has a smartphone, almost everyone you know can play with you too.

Play Games with Friends

Many of the games on AirConsole are multi-player games, so you’ll not only want to play games with friends, you’ll need to. One of the best things about AirConsole is that it is a completely free gaming platform. There are no upfront fees, no monthly subscriptions and no entering of a credit card just so you can play. Additionally, there is no software to download, no discs to keep clean and free of scratches and no fancy and expensive equipment to store in your home.

You simply go to the site, click start and away you go. There are a number of games to choose from and each one is unique, so there is something for everyone to love.

ClusterPuck 99 is a sports game that lets you compete without having to get up from your chair. If mini games are more your style, the Silly World Series has something for everyone and the interactive features you’ll use on your smartphone are easy enough (and appropriate enough!) for even your 3-year-old. While children are learning how to use a mouse or video game controller younger and younger, one of the first technologies they learn to use is a smartphone. A recent study found that by age one, more than 1/3 of babies have touched or scrolled on a mobile device and by age 2 they were able to play video games or use an app. With AirConsole, your youngest kids can easily play games with friends, pretty much anywhere you’ve got a screen and internet connection.

Unlike social media or one-player games you can download on your phone, AirConsole allows you to use your smartphone to get the party started. Whether you are a casual game player, just looking to kill time or a dedicated gamer who wants to try something new and innovative, AirConsole will give you the new experience you are looking for in a gaming system. Your next party or office event won’t be the same when you get out your smartphone and connect to AirConsole.

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