Game: Watch Your Back

From the developers of Tower of Babel we present you a fast-paced game of strategy and timing!

From DNA-Studios, the developers behind Tower of Babel and winners of the first AirConsole developer competition, comes a new AirConsole game called Watch Your Back.

DNA's previous title, which they call a "non-cooperative tower builder" has been a huge hit on the platform and is one of our most-played games.

With Watch Your Back, DNA delivers a competitive game for 2-4 players where you have to... well... Watch your back. Players are stationary, but can rotate in place using a button on each side of the phone screen. Rotating doesn't only aim your spear at others, it is also used to position the player's shield to deflect incoming spears and cannon balls.

The goal of the game is to remain as the last man standing - a player is out when hit four times on any part but on the shield. The cool thing is, players who died need not simply wait for the game to end: They are kept busy by gaining control of a ballista which they can use to mess with remaining players, despite the fact that their own chance to win the game has passed.

It is a fast-paced game of strategy and timing: Clever players will wait with throwing their weapon until they see another spear or cannon ball distracting their target.

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