Game: RPS Joust

Call it Rock-Paper-Scissors, Roshambo, Jankenpon or Jokenpô. I

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you’re probably familiar with this classic game. Add a little twist to the game and you will have RPS Joust.

Developed by Plunger Games, RPS Joust earned a mention on the AirConsole Game Contest 2016 for being a love letter to old-school arcade games. It has a lovely retro art, cool music and a variety of hilarious characters such as the “Scissors Man”, “Dog”, “Jess” and many others. Those familiar with older consoles will remember a similar game mechanics on the classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

On RPS Joust every character features a unique combination of a super power and stamina consumption. “Jess” for instance can “mind block” opponents hiding its move while “Dog” can dash back providing extra time for the perfect attack.

Feeling ready to challenge a friend? Head over to AirConsole and play RPS Joust now.

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