Buzz buzz buzz 💡

Don’t know what to do this weekend? BYOBuzz and have fun with your friends!

BYOBuzz is the perfect bar game that every player will get straight away. Every player has one light bulb and must switch it on and off according to the instructions. Every few seconds, players will face a new challenge that requires a high amount of attention. In one of this challenges, for instance, switching the light on as the first, second or fourth player will make you safe, but you should not switch the light on as the third player. Another challenge will require you to tap a certain amount of times as fast as possible.

On BYOBuzz only the last player loses and all others are safe! It’s like being attacked by a bear, you don’t have to be fastest, you just can’t be the slowest. Every player has a battery life, if you run out of juice, you lose! So what are you waiting for ? Get your friends, stop by the nearest shop and go play BYOBuzz on AirConsole!

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