Game: Adequate Bingo

This is not the same bingo that your grandma would play. Play fast, furious and fun BINGO on AirConsole.

B-I-N-G-O! The classic game is now available on the AirConsole store. But wait, this game is not your grannie's bingo. It's a fast, furious and fun version of the infamous game! Grab a group of friends and mark off numbers as their called, first to get a complete line wins. Make sure you don't hit a number that hasn't been called though otherwise, you will get a timeout!

Developed by Lost in Code in Scotland, Adequate Bingo earned a mention on the AirConsole Game Contest 2016. Besides the traditional mechanics, Adequate Bingo features catchy sounds and a unique controller for every single player.

The game supports up to 20 players and it’s a guaranteed fun for those looking to play this classic at their next tea (or beer) party. Six, nineteen, forty-seven, sixth-thee: Bingo!

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