The monster is hungry 👹

Feed the hungry monster in Basher Beatdown. Jump, dash, grab and throw your friends into its' mouth to feed it.

The mighty monster is starving and it is up to you to feed it. AirConsole proudly introduces: Basher Beatdown, the winner of our Student Competition of Fall 2016.

Jump and knock out your opponents, then pick them up and throw them into the mouth of the hungry hungry monster. Be the player to survive the longest and win the game, it’s as simple as that. Or is it?  If you’re not careful with your moves, you’ll might soon end up as monster lunch yourself.

Basher Beatdown is a great four player combat multiplayer game for you and your friends, accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack that will get everybody pumped before the game even starts. The gameplay is rather simple, but it gets frantic and hysterical in just a few seconds. Choose your strategy wisely - will you be the one to dodge the others or be the one to actively attack to win?

It’s time to find out - knock on your roommate's doors, gather your family or get the gang over and play some Basher Beatdown.

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