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Our new rogue-lite turn based shooter game IRIS is here: Plan together or die!

A catastrophe has happened: The robot from eXo Research Lab, the Intelligent Robotic Information System, known as IRIS, has started attacking all organic life in the station. The engineer and father of the system is found murdered, and IRIS is the main suspect. It is up to the heroic Genesis Crew to investigate and stop the dangerous robot from spreading the deadly virus and killing all life that comes in its way. Can you save the station?

Fight your way through an unfamiliar and dangerous research station as you investigate what led the AI to develop human cognitive capacities and ultimately decide to commit murder. But be aware, you’ll never know what is waiting behind the next door or corner. Plan together or die in PHL Collective’s procedurally generated turn-based co-op game for 1 - 4 players. Throughout the game, you’ll actively need to talk to your friends to find the best strategy for destroying the robots and viruses that are attacking the station.

There’s four different characters in the Genesis Crew, all with different strengths, weaknesses, and weapons. The players are weak against the enemies that carry the same colors as them, so if you are yellow for example, you would be wise to keep your distance from yellow enemies. All weapons have different ranges and power, which you have to keep in mind when planning ahead or discussing a formation.

There are four weapon types in the game, and all can be found in different colors: The Sniper Rifle deals piercing damage, the Pistol lets you make powerful short-ranged shots, and Shotgun and Grenade Launcher will have you watch out for splash damage. You wouldn’t want to accidentally shoot your team-mates… right?

Were you wondering what to do this weekend? IRIS has the potential of keeping you busy for quite a while!

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