Don't die! 🚀

You and your friends are lost in space. Eliminate enemies and avoid obstacles to make it back home - alive.

Your spaceship is lost somewhere deep in space and your team is desperately trying to find the way back to Earth. The journey is long, complex and full of deadly threats. You and your team will need to cooperate intensely to find the way back home - alive, ideally.

On this journey, you will face threats such as hostile spaceships and massive asteroids. You and your team need to eliminate the enemies, dodge the obstacles, maintain the stations and protect the ship from heavy attacks. Are you up for the challenge?

The gameplay consists of you and your friends manning the different stations on the spaceship throughout the levels that will get you home. You’ll find four lasers, a control center, a reparation drone and a shield. You can either be permanently at one station or change actively for some variation. Throughout the levels you’ll also get the chance to power up your stations and weapons in order to make it more feasible to face the tougher enemies that seek to obstruct  your journey home to planet Earth.

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